Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dancing Queen

I have many years of dance experience. I loved it when I was growing up. I started when I was 3 and quit due to school when I was 17. I did almost all of it. Tap, ballet, pom pom, jazz, and some hip hop. I also taught it for many years to kids ranging from 2 to 12. I ended up getting burned out on it because that was all I did. Plus I was starting to get into arguments with the owners and I had to keep that relationship intact because that is my nieces family. Long story short I decided to quit and was very disappointed when not one person told me that they would miss me. This just enforced my decision.

Over the years I have missed it, particularly the tap dancing. That was my favorite. My mom has tried to get me to join back up with her at the studio she takes lessons at, but I don't want to do all the other forms of dance. I only am interested in tap. I had looked at other local studios particularly COCA in Clayton. They offered a class that I was interested in, but it was only on Weds at 4:30. I just couldn't pull that off with Munchkin and my job. A few weeks ago however my mom told me about a friend of hers who was doing an 8 week tap workshop. It sounded fun, but I told her to find out if it was for beginners or intermediate dancers. I didn't want to give up a night to stand around and be bored with stuff I already know. My mom convinced my to just try it out, but she also convinced two of my sisters to try it also. I figured that if it was a class for beginners I could joke around and do advanced moves with my sisters.

The first class was last night. It was basically for adult beginners, but it was still fun. My sisters and I got to joke around and we just sped up the steps to make them more complicated. I was surprised at how much I remembered though. The teacher would call out a step I would immediately know how to do. I guess it is just like riding a bike you never forget. Hopefully as the weeks go on the steps with become more difficult, but if not I look at it as at least I am not at home sitting on my butt watching tv.

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Lisa said...

Good for you. I have been DYING to take ANY sort of dance lessons for years. And still am. But now, I am too chicken. I am a white girl's white girl and I'm scared I'd look like a total idiot.

But I'm happy for you for getting back into something you love. :-)