Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Busy Busy

Sorry for the pause in blogging. I have been so busy. I am behind on my Christmas shopping. We have had birthday and Christmas parties to go to. Oh yeah and I got engaged. Yes you read right. LD asked me Saturday night.

He had this great way to ask me, but I kinda spoiled it. He came over to help us decorate our Christmas tree and then we were gonna play games. The game he brought was scrabble. I hate scrabble. I am known for misspelling words and not knowing what a word means, so I refused to play it. I told LP that he could play it with my mom cause she loves that game. He just looked at me and in a stern voice told me that I had to open the game. At this point I looked at the game and him and it dawned on me that there was something in the game. After that I really refused to open the box. I am a stubborn pain in the butt like that.

A few minutes passed and the tree was finished being decorated, so LD reached over to set up Scrabble. I watched as he opened the box and was very disappointed to see nothing other than game pieces. LD passed me the board while he got the letter pieces out. As I opened the board I saw it. He had spelled out Will You Marry Me and other words having to do with marriage on the board. I just stared at it and when I finally looked up he was holding my ring. Of course I said yes because who in there right mind would say no to a huge diamond. I am kidding. I said yes because I want to marry LD and now get to.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's About Freaking Time

Here is a meme that Mikala
tagged me with a while ago. I am finally getting to it.

1. Assistant Dance Teacher
2. Hostess/Waitress
3. Bookkeeper
4. Study Coordinator

1. Marine Biologist
2. A voice in a Disney animated Movie
3. Stay at home mom
4. A novelist

1. Dirty Dancing
2. Where the Heart Is
3. X-men
4. The Notebook

1. St. Louis, MO
2. St. Louis, MO
3. St. Louis, MO
4. St. Louis, MO (Lots of variety, huh)

1. Lost
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Ghost Hunters
4. CSI

1. Petoskey, Michigan
2. Destin, Florida
3. Nashville, Tennessee
4. Chicago, Illinois

1. People
3. True Wife Confessions
4. Yahoo Mail

1. Ice Cream
2. Sweet Potatoes
3. Chinese
4. Chicken, cooked any way

1. lima beans
2. baked macaroni
3. oatmeal raisin cookies
4. smoked meat

1. Chinese
2. Margarita (My friends have banned me from them)
3. Ice Cream
4. Fried Chicken

1. My bed
2. Rocking Chair
3. 2 bookshelves filled with books
4. My dogs cage

1. Bigger bookshelves (I love to read and I love book sales. Can't beat a book for $.50)
2. A bigger bed
3. A window (I sleep in the basement)
4. Tim McGraw

1. Tennis Shoes
2. Long Sleeved Shirt
3. Jeans
4. socks

1. Dreamland
2. Michigan
3. Florida
4. In the park Sledding (hopefully tomorrow)

1. Tim McGraw
2. Faith Hill (she might bring Tim McGraw)
3. Hugh Jackman
4. Anne Hathaway

1. It is cold
2. Will it sleet/snow enough for Munchkin's school to close
3. Will it snow enough for me to skip work tomorrow
4. What should I cook for dinner

1. Chocolate
2. A rainy day that I can lay around all day reading
3. A good book
4. Munchkin

I don't know anybody to tag because everyone has done this. However if there is anyone that has and wants to go for it.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Turkey Day

Technically it isn't Thanksgiving anymore, since it is amost 3:00am on Friday morning, but I thought I would say it anyway.


Hope everyone got their fill of turkey and to those who are gonna venture out shopping on Friday morning or Black Friday as some call it........


Saturday, November 18, 2006

Be Very Very Quiet, I Am Hunting......

I am back up and just in time for hunting season. LD is a avid hunter, so I have hardly spoken to him since last Thursday. November 11 was the opening day for riffle season. My dad never hunted, so I was blissfully unaware of how big a deal it is. I would compare it to superbowl or the opening of nascar, but with these there isn't nearly as much preparation.

Starting the weekend before everyone went out and staked out a place for them to sit patiently in hopes of seeing a deer. Then they all began washing there clothes with earth/dirt scented soap and drier sheets. Yum. They also have to clean their guns, pack the heaters, and make sure you have socks, pants, hat, shirt, gloves, coat, boots, and scarves in camouflage. Hell it wouldn't surprise me if their underwear were camo too. They do all of this just so they can sit in the cold by themselves and wait.

I was surprised that two of the wives were joining in the fun. LD tried to convince me, but I just don't see the fun in sitting in the cold. Besides I don't ever want to learn to shot a gun and I don't think I could shot a deer. LD pointed out that I could just sit and watch or pack a book to read. Now why would I venture out into the cold to read when I could do that snuggled up in my nice warm bed. All his attempts to get me to go with him failed, so now he has moved on to convincing me that Munchkin needs to go.

I just can't seem to wrap my mind around this. Why would I want my 6 year old to learn to shot or watch others shot a gun. Almost every week you learn about a kid that was accidentally shot by his friend who was showing off a gun. Now tell me why would I want to put my kid in that possible situation. LD just doesn't understand and he has stated that he will respect my wishes with Munchkin because he is mine. In otherwords if we ever have kids together he won't listen to me because they are his kids too. I called him on this and he said we would compromise.

So my question is how young is too young to learn to hunt?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Be Patient

If this post seems rushed that is because it is. I am at work on someone else's computer hopeing to get this done before my boss walks in.

I just wanted to apologize for the lack of posts recently. First I was busy with halloween and then my computer got a virus. I would post from my computer at work, but it is a piece of crap and isn't compatible with this site. My dad and brother are working on the problem at home, so hopefully I will be up and posting again soon.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pepe Le Pew

Last night I heard my dog barking, which means she has done her duty and is ready to come in. I went to the back door and she was not there, but down by the shed. She had spotted something and was trying to get it. The first thing that popped in my head was SKUNK. My fear was confirmed as I opened the door and was met with a nauseating smell. It was so much worse than the smell of a road kill skunk. I could hardly handle it. Let's just say that it clears up the sinuses. My first thought was get the dog in the house so she doesn't get sprayed again. That was a mistake. Shortly after she was in I put her back outside, but shortened her leash so she would be at the top of the stairs.

I quickly went on-line to find a solution to clean her. I know everyone says tomato juice, but I don't buy it and besides I didn't have any. I was hoping to find a mixture of stuff that I had handy. The first one on the list looked good and had good reviews, so I decided to try it. It called for hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap. Unfortunately I didn't have the peroxide, so I was off to Walgreens.

Later I found out that I should have changed because the smell was all over me also. I even had a lady look at me and go skunk and I said yes and then she said dog and I said yes. She said her dog does it all the time. She said she never tried my solution, but would the next time.

At home with mixture in hand and dog in tub, I began to scrub and lather. My sweet dog sat there and was very well behaved. The instructions said to repeat if the smell was still there. After a vigorous sniff of my dogs entire body I was extremely relieved to discovered I could not smell any hint of skunk. Now the house was a different story. Fortunately there was also a recommendation for that. Put some water and vinegar in a pot and simmer on the stove for a few hours. This worked wonderfully also.

As of this morning the smell was gone from everywhere, but my room (I didn't get a chance to wash all my skunky clothes) and the basement steps (where the dog sat when I initially brought her in). I hope this never happens again, but at least now I know what to do.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

ABC.com Is My New Best Friend

Why is it that I am never busy when all my shows are reruns, but the minute a new season premieres my calendar fills up. I know with a 6 year old my schedule is always gonna be changing, so for that reason I try not to get hooked to too many shows, but I never succeed. At the moment my must see TV is Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Ghost Hunters, CSI, and the newest Ugly Betty and Heroes.

If you notice some of these shows are on at the same time and same night. Now not only do I now have to deal with possibly not being home, but I also have to decide what show to watch and what show to tape and watch at a later date. Oh but I have discovered a magnificent solution.

ABC.com has a wonderful live video that allows you to view any of their shows at any time. You just go and pick an episode and sit back and relax. Another great part about this is that half of my shows are ABC, so it makes my life a little easier.

There are probably some skeptics out there, including my brother, who are thinking that I should just jump onto the bandwagon and get TIVO. However deep down I am an old fashioned girl and I still love my VHS/VCR. Ok really it is just that the VHS tapes are cheaper.

Now all I am waiting for is the other stations to follow ABC's example.

On another note, but still to do with TV........ My cable company took away Women's Entertainment Channel, AKA WE. UGH. I loved that channel specifically because of Bridezilla's. Stupid Cable.

*Oh and I figured out how to set up a link, but have it as just a word instead of the whole site address. Figures I would choose a post with a ton of links. Practice makes perfect I guess.

Monday, October 09, 2006

I Could Definitely Get Used to This

LD and I finally got to celebrate our 6 month anniversary. He took me out to dinner at a very fancy restaurant. I usually frequent Bar and Grills, so I felt very out of place. However the restaurant was not crowded, so I was able to enjoy myself. I even tried escargot. Although I was hesitant to try them because I kept picturing Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, but I found out that the snails are not brought out in the shells.

To make the evening even better I was surprised with wonderful gifts. As I arrived at his house I was meet with 12 red roses* and 6 white (one for every month) and jewelry. To be more specific a necklace with 2 linked hearts (one solid gold and the other of diamonds). I was so shocked. I loved it.

All of this for only 6 months. I am beginning to think that I am gonna be a spoiled, but I am not gonna complain.

*This is the second time he has gotten me a dozen roses in a pretty vase.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Oh the Pain and Now the Drainage

I know it has been a while since I have posted I apologize. Last week however I came down with a minor cold that went in to a full fledge cold. I spent my Saturday on the couch coughing, sneezing, aching, and with a fever. Basically I was a walking Nyquil commercial.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling much better, but by the middle of the day my ear was beginning to ache. I blew it off as just a side effect of the cold. By Monday I couldn't even chew anything because I was in so much pain. I had already committed myself to take a friend to the dentist, so I was unable to make it to the doctor then. Oh how I wish I would have.

Tuesday morning was horrible. It hurt to talk. I could hardly move my neck because my glands were swollen. I made it to the doctor and I was diagnosed with a little fluid in my right ear and an inner and outer ear infection in my left. I was given antibiotics and ear drops, but the only thing I could do for the pain was take Advil. This only slightly helped, so I spent most of the rest of the day in tears and on the couch.

Today I feel so much better. My ear is still a little sore, but now my big problem is drainage. YUCK. I feel so sorry for all those little babies who get earaches all the time.

Oh and 2 huge downfalls with me getting sick.............Yesterday was LD's and mine 6 month anniversary. We had a big night planned with new outfits and everything. It had to be rescheduled to Saturday. Also today was Munchkin's school field trip. I decided not to go because I didn't want to expose the kids and I wasn't sure how the pain would be after walking around for 4 hours. I was very disappointed, but Munchkin still had a great time and didn't mind me not going.

I am off to take my antibiotics. Hope everyone else is doing much better. I will be able to get back to work tomorrow, which means I will be able to catch up on reading my daily blogs.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Change is Good as Long as It Doesn't Involve My Radio

Why is it that as soon as I like a certain radio station the dumb Radio companies change it??

In the mornings I used to listen to Craig Cornett (93.7 The Bull), but he was replace by a national talk show. I didn't like them at all, but after wondering through other stations I got hooked to Vic and Trish (101.1 The River). Then what happens? They take them off and replace them with Steve and DC. This talk show has been on the air and pulled several times here in St. Louis and I have never liked them, so I was aggrivated by the switch.

Shortly after that I got a pleasant suprise as I discovered Craig Cornett had returned to the morning show on The Bull. So now I had my morning show and I would just flip back to The River when Steve and DC were over to listen to music. The Radio producers must have gotten wind of my contentment because today I have discovered that they have changed The River to Moving 101. This wouldn't have bothered me except with the name change they also changed the type of music they play. ARGH!!

Well I am off to radio channel surfing again. I should just splurge and buy a small desk CD player.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Why the Internet is Not Alway Good

I spent Labor day weekend out in the country at LD's house. When he first explained where his house was he explained that they did have bobcats, poisonous snakes, and ticks. I was nervous about the bobcats and snakes, but the thought of getting ticks almost every time I went outside just grossed me out. Since then he has treated the grass immediately around his house and the ticks disappeared. So as long as I stayed near the house or on the gravel drive I was ok.

However while we were down there we went to a neighbors house to see LD's horse. While I was there I found 2 tiny ticks crawling on my legs. I quickly pulled them off and inspected my arms and the rest of my legs. I then moved on to inspecting Munchkin. I found no sight of any more ticks. I assumed I walked in some grass at the neighbors that hadn't been treated. I had double checked Reese when we got home and we both had showered multiple times since that day, so I assumed we were both clear. I was wrong.

Yesterday I was scratching my waist and something came of in my nail. To my dismay it was a disgusting tick that was twice the size of the ones I found crawling on me, so I could only assume it had been attached for a few days. It grossed me out and I immediately started to freak out about the head being stuck in me and Lyme disease. I couldn't get hold of LD to see how to remove the head, so I looked on the internet. Bad Idea!

The more I read the more freaked out I got about Lyme Disease. Why is it that when I research something on the internet I only find the sites with worse case scenario. Where is the site that says it is ok. Lyme disease can be easily treated with antibiotics and it is not that common. Instead I find the one that says it is common and even if treated with antibiotics and you have a negative test you may still have it and it can come back later in life to cause more problems. I finally got hold of LD and he told me not to worry that he and his family have always dealt with ticks and the haven't had any problems. Even after all of his reassurance I still couldn't help being a little creeped out because I had a tick sucking my blood that could possibly give me Lyme disease.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Go Cards

Sunday night I went to the Cardinals VS Cubs game. It was an exciting game right up to the end when we kicked the Cubs' butt. However I think the crowd around us was more entertaining. While watching the game I also got to watch 3 people be escorted out by stadium security.

The first was a rowdy Cards fan who tried to push a rowdy Cubs fan down some steps. Security came and had to get the whole story and then told the Cards fan that he had to leave. The funny part was that while security was getting the story the guy just stood there eating his peanuts and trying to look around the guard to continue watching the game. He acted as though he had done no wrong.

The next 2 people were an older couple. They were seated about 3 rows in front of us. It started as them not letting a young girl cross in front of them so that she could get to her seat. The insisted that she go the other way since there were less people. They were so rude that the girl was almost in tears. Then they did it again to another girl, but she was older and got into an argument with the couple, but made her way to her seat. What happened after that is still kind of a mystery.

Someone, who was never discovered, threw a beer at the couple and totally drenched the lady. So she turned around and blasted the couple behind them. They explained that they also had beer splashed on them, so it wasn't them. People started to accuse others and again security was called. The situation was explained and why the beer was possibly thrown. At to the cheers of the people around the older couple was escorted out.

When I told this story to my family everyone assumed that the couple were Cubs fans, but they weren't. They were Cards fans, so you figure they had to be bad to have all their fellow fans turn against them. I can't wait to go to another game.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Here Fishy Fishy

I grew up fishing and loved it. My siblings and I used to watch our grandpa clean his fish and we would always make him open the belly to see what the fish had eaten. So when it came to a weekend of fishing and I was told by LD I couldn't go because it was boys only, I was a little disappointed.

However when I heard that there was gonna be an opening the second day I jumped at the opportunity and asked again if I could go fishing. To my surprise LD said yes. So at dinner I announced that I was gonna go fishing and his dad and bro gasped. I said if they didn't want me to go I wouldn't. They were quick to explain that it wasn't the fact that I was going it was the fact that I WANTED to. None of the girls from their family would ever think of fishing.

They then began to try to torture me by telling me that I would have to bait my hook and get the fish off the line, etc. I tried to explain that I grew up doing this, but they still didn't understand. So the next morning after I cast my line and his dad exclaimed, she really can fish, I just wanted to turn around and say I told you so.

I might use this experience to get them to agree to let me go hunting with them too. Although they would probably regret letting me do that since I know you have to be quiet and I doubt I can handle hours of silence. What can I say I am a girl and love to talk.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

It isn't Fair

So Munchkin's dad has always been a pain in my side. He has always complained that I don't send enough pictures or I don't keep in touch enough blah blah blah. Well excuse me, but the last time I had checked email and phones worked both ways. The climax to this was in May 2005. After much arguing we came to an agreement that I would send pictures and have Reese call everyother weekend and his dad would call the other weekends.

This worked out wonderfully for a long time with one hitch. His Dad never called him. He never even returned a phone call if Reese left a message. Hell he wasn't even home half the time Munchkin would call to talk. I let this slide because I didn't want to get into it again and everyone seemed happy with this. Until He sent some websites about him and his band, so that Munchkin could look at them.

This was all fine and dandy except I noticed that not anywhere on these pages was Munchkin mentioned or pictured. This concerned me because soon Munchkin might notice this and wonder why his father doesn't mention him and why is his girlfriend pictured but not him. So I mentioned my concern to his father through an email (I refuse to speak to him) and while I was at it I also mentioned that Reese has asked why he has to always call and why he never calls him. His response to this was that he was redoing his bio and would add a mention of Munchkin and his picture. He also said that he would call him with in the next week. I was satisfied.

This was back in June and Munchkin has still never received that promised phone call. I didn't so anything about it cause a broken promise from him is not anything new. I kept up with my side minus the phone calls. What can I say. It is summer and our weekends have been full. I sent him pictures of our trip to Branson in July. No response. Then about 2 weeks ago I sent him an updated email about Munchkin starting school and how our weekends are busy til then so don't expect a call, but Munchkins still waiting for his promised call. (I added that just for good measure) Still no response.

So being the nosy person that I am I checked out his other sites to see if maybe he hasn't been on the computer recently. Nope that wasn't the case. Ya wanna know what he did on that day in June instead of calling his son. He proposed to his girlfriend. Which makes me a little curious to if this is the reason he has not responded to anything since he last promised a phone call. Does he plan to cut Munchkin out now that he is gonna start a family? For my sake that would be wonderful, but I don't want that for Munchkin. It is just frustrating because I am not suppose to know, so I can't question him about it.

Oh and another reason this bothers me. I wanted to have the happily Ever After first not him. The man who is now gonna get married and be able to start another family while also having bragging rights to a son here he has never met. I wanted that before him. So yeah now I am a little more resentful and maybe a tad jealous, but personally I think I am allowed to be.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Long Time No Blog

It has been a while since I have been on here. Mainly because my dad set up some security thing that wouldn't allow me to log on. I hope to begin posting on here again. So come visit me.

One major update since my last post. I have been seeing someone, lets call him LD, for almost 5 months. It has been moving very quickly. Munchkin has meet him and likes him. We have gone on a vacation with him and his family. He has met my family. We have talked about the future and he even hinted one day last weekend that he was looking at rings. Yikes. I like the thought of all that, but at the same time I don't want to go too fast. This relationship has a few complications that add to the stress. First he is in a wheelchair, which has taken some getting used to, but if I do say so myself I have handled it well. Secondly he has to get used to Munchkin and Munchkin to him. Thirdly he has a house in Plato, Missouri, which is about 4 hours from St. Louis. This wouldn't be so bad except that the house is in the middle of no where and the closest Walmart is 45 minutes away. Walmart is everywhere, but here, so what does that say. It is a farmer town, so I would become a farmer wife if I moved there. He is here on the weekends, but plans to start stay there full time very soon.

I wouldn't mind living in the country, but he is so far out there that I would have to deal with a few dangers that I am not sure I am ready to deal with especially with a child that could get into trouble. He doesn't live there fulltime, so I am sure the troubles will lessen when someone is there all the time. I mean he has had to shot a cottonmouth (poisonous snake) that was on the front porch. He has also has problems with bobcats walking in the yard. Usually this wouldn't bother me, but I would never feel safe letting Munchkin play outside by himself. He has neighbors that have raised kids with no problems, so I guess it will be ok, but I just worry and get nervous. I have told him to stop telling me about this stuff, but he knows I would rather know than not.

Relationships are all about compromise, so we will figure it out some how. Only time will tell.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Gotta Love Those Concerts

All week long I have been listening to the radio for a Tim McGraw and Faith Hill song being played back to back. Then when it happens I desperately try to be the 9th caller. Dialing frantically with my cell in one hand and the house/work phone in the other. Unfortunately I have yet to win.
This obsession of mine is probably bugging the hell out of everyone around me. I make my family listen to the radio at home all night long and at work I am constantly telling my coworker that Tim or Faith is on the radio be ready to dial. I can't help it I love Tim. He is hot!! Plus his shows are really good.
My first Tim McGraw concert was back in 1999. This was the first concert that me and my best friend went to together. We had shortly met a year before that. Our seats weren't the best, but they were great for us. At what was Riverport many people get lawn seats, but we opted to get reserve seats that year. We were in the last row, but there was no one around us, so we could jump all around. We even had the ticket checker guy dancing with us. Right as the concert ended it began to pour. So here we are walking back to our car in the rain and me wearing a white shirt. My friend kept yelling for all the guys to look at the wet t-shirt contest. This was when I still had the before baby body so I was totally milking the attention. Never really revealing anything. After walking for about 15 minutes we discovered that we couldn't remember where we parked the car. After wondering around for another 15 minutes in the rain we found it, but unfortunately the parking lot was at a stand still. What were we suppose to do then? Well I used my womanly charms to get weasel us some drinks and smokes for a group of guys in a truck. I can be quit persuasive. We were just sitting in the car freezing and waiting to get home when we discovered the people next to us were just as bored, but had figured out something to do. To our dismay they had taken their cooler out of their back seat and decided to crawl back there themselves for a little "couple time". I was shocked, but laughing hysterically at the same time.
That was one of my best nights ever. So it has now become a tradition to see Tim every year. And to attend as many concerts with as many girls as possible in which my stunts become crazier every year. Cause what happens at Riverport stays at Riverport.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Spring Break

Munchkin and I went to the Ozarks for his 1st official Spring Break. I have an aunt and cousin that live there and it was Munchkin's idea to visit them. We left on Friday and didn't have to be back until Wednesday.
We got down there late on Friday, so we didn't do anything, but eat and go to bed. Saturday Munchkin and I got to ride on a 4 wheeler for the first time. I had to drag Munchkin onto the thing, but he loved it. After that we played some basketball while my aunt took care of her horses. Then it was off to the outlet mall (yeah) and the grocery store. We only spent an hour at the mall cause that is all my aunt wanted to spend there, but I had plans to go back again. We got home and it was time for dinner and a movie and then bed.
Sunday was about the same. We went on the 4 wheeler again, but for a longer ride. My aunt to us to a quarry that bumps up to her land. That was fun, but cold. Then we went to Target. My aunt needed a frame and I needed a phone charger. Then to the grocery store again. I guess my aunt only believes in buying ingredients for one meal at a time. When we got back to her house my cousin was home with a few friends. They were suppose to be chopping up a tree that fell. While they did this Munchkin and I played some soccer and then my cousin joined when his friends left. Then it was about dinner time. My cousin's dad joined us too. My aunt decided we should watch a movie again, but it was one I wanted to see and Munchkin wouldn't like it either, so we didn't really get into it. Then it was off to bed. Just to let you know I was in bed most nights by 9, but Munchkin had me up every morning before 8, so I really didn't get any great rejuvenating sleep.
Monday was a wet and cold day, so we decided to venture back to the outlet mall. Munchkin picked out his Easter outfit and I got a pair of jeans and shorts. Not much, but it was all needed. After that we were gonna go back and sit in the hot tub for a while, but I decided it was too cold and it turned out to be a good choice since it started storming when we got back. Since my aunt and cousin were taking his dad to the airport which is in Springfield, MO (an hour and a half drive) Munchkin and I just hung out inside and relaxed the rest of the day. That evening we went to my cousin's National Honor Society Awards Ceremony. Boring, but quick. We got home and it was late so we ate leftovers and went to bed.
Tuesday was spent in Springfield, MO at The Bass ProShop. This place was huge, but fun. We spent 3 hours just wondering around and we didn't even hit the animal museum. I definitely will go back there again. I did some shopping there too. Reese got a stuffed raccoon and a huge fish pillow and I got some sandals. The rest of the day was spent inside hanging out because it was freezing out.
We left early Weds to come home.
The trip was very enjoyable, but I have a few complaints. My aunt made me feel bad if I wasn't up doing something. She is a busy body and I am one to just go with the flow especially on vacations. Another thing was that with dinner every night she picked out a movie to watch. Unfortunately none of the movies were kid friendly and they neither were something that I wanted to see. The last complaint I have is that my cousin hardly bothered to spend any time with Munchkin. Now I understand he is 18 and in highschool and doesn't want to hang out with a little kid, but if I was his mother I would have made him. Munchkin idealizes him and that is why he wanted to visit him. So for him not to spend time with him made me mad and Munchkin sad.
So next time I go I will make sure the weather is nice, so we can do some exploring of the land to fill our time and I will take another family member with us to play with Munchkin.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

From Bad to Great

First I want to apologize for the lapse in posts.

This week has been quit stressful for me. Monday evening my dog bit the little neighbor girl. My dog shouldn't bite, but to her defense the neighbor girl was trying to pick up the dog so she turned to nip her. She got her head right above her eye and a little of her eyelid. I was freaking out. I called her mother to let her know what happened and that I thought she needed stitches so I was gonna take her to the hospital. Her mom said she was on her way home and would be there in 10 minutes so we would wait. During the waiting I practically had a nervous break down. I wasn't sure what the rules are for dogs that bite. I was worried that I was gonna have to put my dog to sleep. I cried for to my mom and dad for about 3 hours. It was hard cause I was upset my dog bit her, but at the same time she was aggravating her. My dog has never done anything like this with Munchkin and he has done plenty. In fact the reason my neighbor was trying to pick up my dog was because Munchkin had just done it.

My neighbor finally got here and she wasn't upset about the bit. She is a nurse and said it didn't look like it would need stitches and that her daughter was half to blame for it. This made me feel a little better, but I was still scared about animal attack laws.

It actually turned out fine. My neighbor had to contact rabies control because of protocol. The rabies control people stopped by the house to let me know the dog was under "house arrest" for 10 days. They didn't even need to see the dog or anything. They only needed her rabies tag number. This was a huge relief to me. I guess since it really wasn't a "real" attack nothing had to be done. The only downside to this is that my dog has to be on a leash when she goes potty outside. Why is this a downside? Well she thinks it is play time so she won't do her duty. Just a bit ago I came back from shopping and found my dogs duty all over her cage. Yuck. O'well at least it was in her cage.

Also on Tuesday it was Announced that Tim McGraw will be coming to concert here this year. When and Where are still TBA, but who cares as long as he will be here. I absolutely love Tim so this was so exciting for me. Actually love is an understatement. I am obsessed with Tim McGraw and all my friends/co-workers will back this up. I have had friends buy me his calendar for the last 3 years and one morning I came into work and there was a letter on my desk from "Tim". I can't really remember what is said, but no one ever confessed to writing it. I also receive any magazine with an article in it on him. I guess I should take the hint that I talk about Tim too much, but I haven't.

With his concert announcement the radio station also announced that they would be giving away a chance to qualify for backstage passes and tickets on Thursday (today) every hour. So of course I had my desk radio on extra loud today so I would miss the chance. I had my cell phone in one hand and work phone in other every chance I got. After3 tries I actually was the 9th caller. I couldn't believe it. I was so excited!!! So I now have Tim's new CD which isn't out in stores for a few weeks and Faith Hills CD (since she will also be in concert with Tim. She is married to my man, so I have tried to hate her, but she seems to be an extremely nice person, so I have failed at that.) I am now gonna be put in a drawing for the tickets, so if anyone out there reads this keep you fingers for me crossed.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Competitive Softball

I had my first official parent's meeting for Munchkin's softball team. This is his first time playing, but he is only in kindergarten, so that is normal. The purpose for the meeting tonight was to discuss whether they boys and girls from pre-k thru 1st grade would be on combined teams. It didn't matter to me either way since this is Munchkin's first time playing, but some of the parents had some rather strong opinions. One mother threatened to pull her 1st grade son out if he had to play with the girls. She said that it would be a step backwards for her son. I didn't agree with this especially after she started saying what the boys learned last year and another parent chimed in saying that the girls learned the same thing. Come on the kids are 6 and 7 years old, so it isn't like they are playing for a scholarship or anything. It is suppose to be all for fun or so that is what I thought. Another reason the church wanted them to mix boys with girls is because there would be enough teams to have all the games at home which meant more money through concessions which helps maintain Fields and equipment. This debate went on for about 45 minutes before they decided that they would take the 1st grade boys and put them in a league and then combine all the others in a home league only. Everyone agreed that this would work great until a mother chimed in and said she didn't want her 1st grade daughter playing with the boys. Oh come on. She would be 7 playing with 4 and 5 year olds. Like they are really gonna hurt her. They convinced her to agree, so it was finally all settled.

I didn't quit understand why some parents were getting in such a heated argument with the coaches, but I guess that could be because I am not a very competitive person. I did dance contests and choir contests and I tried out for all kinds of things that I got rejected for but it was never really a big deal to me. I have always had the idea that you should have fun while doing anything and if it gets to the point where it isn't fun then don't do it any more no matter how good you are. That is just my opinion.

I almost laughed when the mother was worried about her daughter getting hurt and I just wanted to stand up and say that she plays with boys all the time at recess and she has brothers and why can't she be the one hurting the boys. This opinion is probably based on years of playing goal for 2 older brothers who would kick the ball as hard as they could at me. In all fairness I enjoyed spending time with my brothers and still to this day I have just as many guy friends as girls. I am also not afraid to get rough with the boys.

I will keep ya updated with all the yelling from the competitive parents screaming form the stands. Don't worry I won't be one.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Round and Round They Go

Nascar officially started this past Sunday. Yippee. No seriously. The only reason I know this is because my friend's husband is a Nascar/Jeff Gordon freak. His garage has all kinds of Gordon stuff hanging up and everytime he has the remote he some how finds a race on tv.

I never have understood how someone could sit and watch a nascar race. I mean how exciting is watching cars drive in circles. I have to admit though that Sunday I did sit through the whole thing and it wasn't as boring as I thought it would be. Then again I was with friends so half the time we were talking and not really paying attention. My favorite part of the race is the crashes. I know that is probably wrong, but that is the only excitement. Plus my friend and her husband kept getting into little arguments that I thought were so hilarious. So all in all it was a pretty good time. I told 'em to expect me next week at the same time. Who knows I may become a fan after all.

Last thing with Nascar. If you have a dirty mind you can also make Nascar fun by listening to the announcers. They make the sport sound really gay. The things they say can be so perverted. For example..............He is coming in from behind. He is taking it from behind. He is packed in the middle. ETC. Just listen the next time they are on. Then again my mind and my friend's are always in the gutter, so this may only be funny to us.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Phone Call Away

Munchkin's father lives in England and has yet to ever meet him, but after one mass argument between him and me we came to an agreement that I would have Munchkin call him once every weekend. Along with this agreement his father stated that he would call everyother weekend, so that I wouldn't have to take the whole burden of the phone bills. This deal was made in May 2005.

Since then Munchkin has called his father and English Grandparent's almost every weekend. I must admit that there were weekends that I was just so busy that it slipped my mind and when I would remember it would be too late their time to call them. (they are 6 hours ahead) At first it was like pulling teeth to get Munchkin to sit and talk on the phone, but now that he is in school and has started sports he has more to talk about, so he is beginning to enjoy these conversations. They have also helped with the questions that Munchkin had begun asking me about his father. So it all seemed to be working out.

I do however have some complaints. The first being that when we came to this conclusion we agreed that I would not be taking part in these phone conversations. If I was needed to be contacted then they could use my email. Munchkin's father and Grandparents have seemed to forget this part though. On many occasions Munchkin has handed me the phone saying that one of them wanted to speak to me. This puts me in a bad spot. I so desperately want to say no, but how do you explain to your 5 year old that you don't want to talk to them, when he is forced to. The other complaint is that his father has never held up his bargain to call everyother weekend and most of the time his father isn't even home to talk. I understand he has a life and may not be home every weekend, but you would think that after not talking to his son for 3 or 4 weeks he would make an effort to call before he left to go "party". But then again I would also think that a father would make an effort to visit his son at least once in his 5 years.

I know my son has a wonderful life and plenty of male figures that are much better role models than his father ever would be, but sometimes it just pains my heart that he does not really know his father. I just hope that one day I will meet someone to fill that role and give him the unconditional love of a father.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Meeting Mr. Right

I am basically happy with my life as it is at least most of the time. I do however get lonely sometimes and meeting the perfect man or even a half-way decent man has proven to be extremely hard these days. I know some of the reason is my fault because I don't get out to socialize much, but there are reasons for that........
1st.............I have a 5 year old that takes up most of my free time.

2nd............Half of my friends are married. It is this set of friends that make it the most difficult to be single. I think they forget how hard it is to date and be a single parent. They are always pushing me to meet people, but how am I suppose to do that if all we do is hang out at their houses. Especially since they don't have any single friends to set me up with. Then they are always teasing me about being single and needing to hook up with someone. I don't want to just hook up with some one. I want serious.

3rd............The other half of my friends are single and have no responsibilities other than themselves. This means they are always going out and most of the time at the last minute and late at night. They don't really seem to understand that getting a sitter at last minute is almost impossible and also that partying til 2 in the morning doesn't really work when you have to get up for work at 5am that same morning. Even if all of this was ok the bars that they frequent are not exactly the best place to meet a "nice" guy.

4th...........I really don't want to admit this, but one reason is just ME. I have never been a real social type. I love to hang out with people, but not really at loud obnoxious bars/night clubs. I have also been told that I can be a little intimidating. I didn't really understand this, but I have had it explained to me. Apparently my sense of humor/sarcasm can make me seem a little mean. I have met people with similar personalities and we get along great. I just haven't found that one guy who can handle it. My friends have said that I should be nice so that someone will like me, but I don't think I should have to change who I am for someone to like me. I mean I am obviously a good person or I wouldn't have so many friends.

Now that I have hashed out why I don't have a love life let me tell you why this was brought up. I volunteered to babysit a friends kids so her and her husband could go out for her birthday. They decided they weren't gonna go out, but that I should still come over to hang out. I decided that I was just gonna stay home since I was dog sitting and it was more convenient to stay home since they live 40 minutes from me. I mean I wouldn't have been able to drink and I wouldn't have been able to stay too long since I had to let the dog out. Her response to this was that I am never gonna meet a guy with always dog sitting. The way she said it really hurt my feelings. She is always nagging me to get out and meet guys, but she is also the one who always wants to stay in. So I said to her that I am not gonna meet anyone just sitting in her living room. It is things like this that just make me mad. I want to meet someone, but I am not gonna go out every night to try to pick someone up. I figure it will happen if it was meant to happen.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Always with Us

Munchkin has always been very aware of my Dad's father being dead. I don't know if it is because he is the only person he has visited in a cemetery or if it is because his Grandpa and him are so very close. Munchkin always comments on his Grandpa's father no longer being here. So the other day when he once again comment on this my heart was just filled with so much love for him that I almost wanted to cry for his 5 year old logic. Here is what he said.

Munchkin: Mom, Grandpa doesn't have to be sad.

Me: Why?

Munchkin: Because he will always be with him.

This came out of nowhere, but I instantly knew he was talking about my grandad and I just wanted to cry and grab my sweet lovely little boy. I just wish that my Dad was home to hear it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dancing Queen

I have many years of dance experience. I loved it when I was growing up. I started when I was 3 and quit due to school when I was 17. I did almost all of it. Tap, ballet, pom pom, jazz, and some hip hop. I also taught it for many years to kids ranging from 2 to 12. I ended up getting burned out on it because that was all I did. Plus I was starting to get into arguments with the owners and I had to keep that relationship intact because that is my nieces family. Long story short I decided to quit and was very disappointed when not one person told me that they would miss me. This just enforced my decision.

Over the years I have missed it, particularly the tap dancing. That was my favorite. My mom has tried to get me to join back up with her at the studio she takes lessons at, but I don't want to do all the other forms of dance. I only am interested in tap. I had looked at other local studios particularly COCA in Clayton. They offered a class that I was interested in, but it was only on Weds at 4:30. I just couldn't pull that off with Munchkin and my job. A few weeks ago however my mom told me about a friend of hers who was doing an 8 week tap workshop. It sounded fun, but I told her to find out if it was for beginners or intermediate dancers. I didn't want to give up a night to stand around and be bored with stuff I already know. My mom convinced my to just try it out, but she also convinced two of my sisters to try it also. I figured that if it was a class for beginners I could joke around and do advanced moves with my sisters.

The first class was last night. It was basically for adult beginners, but it was still fun. My sisters and I got to joke around and we just sped up the steps to make them more complicated. I was surprised at how much I remembered though. The teacher would call out a step I would immediately know how to do. I guess it is just like riding a bike you never forget. Hopefully as the weeks go on the steps with become more difficult, but if not I look at it as at least I am not at home sitting on my butt watching tv.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

My Great Addiction

My downfall is a good romance novel. I have always loved to read, but within the last year or 2 I have once again rediscovered that passion. I also have a friend who loves to read too. We are constantly trading books or recommended authors. She also introduced me to the ever wonderful book fairs. I love to reread books, so I have never wanted to go to the library to get a book that I may love, but have to give back. I also hate spending money on a book that I may or may not like. The book fair has solved that problem. I don't mind paying $20 for books when I walk away with over 30 of them. I have done this many times. I think reading is a wonderful hobby and it also helps with ones literary skills and vocab etc. Although I was talking to my mom the other day and mentioned that I had very little extensive vocab and she said with all the reading I do I should have an immense one. I giggled and then agreed and proceeded to call out my vocab. Her is a short list......member, throbbing, nipple, sex, passion, ecstasy. I think you get the point. At the time is was very funny.

The only bad thing with my addiction is that I have been known to lay in bed and read all night sometimes up til I have to get up to go to work. I have also been known to spend all Saturday and Sunday reading a book that has caught my attention. I am constantly telling myself just one more chapter and I repeat that at least 10 times.

I am sure some of you have guessed that reason I have thought of this is because I have done exactly what I just stated. Although I will say that I did put the book down to do a quick hour of cleaning and to make Munchkin lunch and dinner. So now I am off again. Just started it this morning and have less then 100 pages left to go. Can't wait to see how it ends.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's a Boy!!

A friend of mine just had to have a c-section after 24 hours of labor. After listening to her tell me the story of this I thought I would think back to my fun 12 hours of labor.

It all started at The Fox where I was watching Miss Siagon. I thought that the seats were just uncomfortable, but after I got home I noticed that the throbing in my back wasn't going away and then it turned into full blown contractions. After I got checked into the hospital I had a few uneventful hours. The doctor finally made the call to break my water. That is not fun. Since the baby had already had a bowel movement they had to hook him up to monitors and they also hooked me up to a tube that squirts water into the uterus to clean it out. For the life of me I can't remember the technical term, but basically it was like my water was breaking for hours. It was gross!! I went a few more uneventful hours before the pain finally started to get to me. At this point I requested the epideral. Unfortunately there were a few emergency c-sections so I had to wait over 2 hours for it. Finally I got the epideral, but not 20 minutes later I noticed an extreme pressure "down there". My lamaze couch took a look and the baby was starting to crown. It happened so quickly that no one was prepared and they had to run and get the doctor. I had a pretty easy time pushing. I did end up having an episiotomy cause the baby was big, 9lbs 3 oz. Ok so far you maybe thinking that the birth was simple, but here is where it gets bad. They took the baby to have his vitals checked and while they were doing this the doctor was taking care of the placenta, but for some reason it all wouldn't come out. So the doctor informed me that I may feel a little pressure, which I did when his whole arm disappeared inside me. It was freaky. I could see his arm, but I could feel him scrapping away inside the uterus. Then after they stitched me up they noticed that I wouldn't stop bleeding, so they knew something was wrong. I had to open me back up and discovered that I had torn 3 places on the inside. They had to have another doctor come in and assit the sewing up because I had to be held open. Luckily I was still numb and couldn't feel all this. When this was all done I finally got to hold the new lovely baby, but only for about 10 seconds before I decided to pass out for 7 hours from majoy blood lose. I don't remember anything until I woke up, but my coach informed me that my blood pressure was extremely low and kept setting of all the alarms. It all turned out ok and after a few weeks of extremely painful sitting and walking I healed all up and now I have a wonderful 5 year old.

I love to hear about other people's labor experiences, so feel free to leave your comments.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Part of Munchkins tuition is paid with service hours, which includes working a bingo hall. My neighbor and I volunteered to do this every 2nd Thursday of the month. So tonight was my first night. I have to admit I was a little nervous about what I was gonna have to do. Turns out it was very simple and actually kinda fun. All I had to do was walk around with a tray of pulltabs and listen for people to call me over. Another one of my tasks was to assist people when they called Bingo. I only had a chance to do that once. There was another guy there that kept getting to do this. Why just him. Maybe cause everytime a bingo was called out he would sprint across the room to be the first there. It was pretty funny to watch and by the end we were all teasing him about it. Asking if he had to stretch before he came, etc. It wasn't very busy so we got to leave early, but we told this guy that we had to go home and train so that we could beat him. At the time it was pretty funny, but now it sounds like you had to be there to think it was funny. O'well.

Another thing we were joking about are these bingo enthusiasts. I understand that the game is fun and it is all luck, but come on. Do you really need to have 15 dobbers? There were people there lighting candles, setting out little displays of statues, etc. And how dare you even talk while they are calling out the numbers. I hope I don't end up doing that when I get old. It is just a game.

A little advertising........For any one here in the St. Louis area who is interesting in playing Bingo/keeping my kids tuition low......Bingo is played on Thursday nights, starting at 6, at the Band Wagon Hall. This is located at Lemay Ferry and Baumgartner/Meramec Bottom. Hope to see ya there!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

In Need of an Outhouse

Since the weather was so pretty this weekend Munchkin played most of the weekend with our 8 year old neighbor, Ana. The 2 of them pretty much spend all their time home together, which makes us parents a little nervous. I know they are young, but you still worry about when they might get a little curious about eachothers different body parts, so we tend to constantly check on them if they are in a room alone.

One day they were at Ana's house playing in her room. Her door was shut, but cracked enough that you could hear them. Kim, Ana's mom, told me that as she was walking past the room she heard them talking about playing "doctor". She freaked out and whipped the door open so fast to see what was going on. To her relief that had a floor full of sick and injured stuffed animals that needed medical attention.

Now back to this weekend. As I was walking passed our sliding doors to the yard I noticed Reese was pulling up his pants. At first I thought that he must have fallen and his pants got stuck. I wanted to be sure so I called him over to the house. I knew something was wrong when he slowly wondered over. I proceeded to ask him why his pants were down. His response? He had to go to the bathroom and he didn't think he could make it, so he went outside. Yes I know that all boys/men pee outside on trees, so I shouldn't have gotten upset. However I did for 3 reasons. 1. He did it with Ana standing right next to him watching. 2. He doesn't know how to discreetly lower just the front of his pants, so everything including underwear were down around his ankles. 3. He did in the middle of a cute old couples yard that connects with ours. So needless to say I was furious. I think Munchkin will be in his late 30s before he ever thinks about peeing outdoors again.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Need vs. Want

Decided to do some returns and use up the gift cards tonight. The first stop was Old Navy. I wanted to exchange a sweater, but to my dismay there weren't any to by found because they already had their Spring clothes on display. Geesh it is only January. I did however find this really cute apron that says Kiss the Cook. Now I can be cute while using my new mixer and pans.

Then on to the mall. I wanted to go to Lane Bryant cause they were having an awesome sale. Buy 2 bras get 2 free, which is a great deal when you spend $30 on a bra. $30!!!! Yes that is right. I have a rather large chest so my bras, or planters as my neighbor calls them, are one thing I don't buy cheap. I need the support.

Next I wanted to hit Victoria Secrets (VC). However I was sidetracked on the way by a calendar stand that advertised 50% off. Just today me and my coworker were discussing how I needed a new calendar. She even mentioned how she spotted one yesterday titled studs and spurs, which pictured half dressed cowboys. Yeehaw!! Well of course when I spotted it tonight I had to buy it. I just hope my boss won't be offended by it.

Finally I hit VC and my jaw dropped. By looking at the store you would have thought that it was the day after Thanksgiving. Everything was picked over and there were at least 15 people in line. I don't usually shop VC, but I had a gift card and I can usually wear their underwear (not panties, I don't like that word). I also was suppose to check out the selection for my sister. Luckily I didn't see anything I like, but even if I did I don't think I would have stood in that line. Yikes.

I had my heart set on buying new underwear, so back to Lane Bryant I went. They had them on sale for 3 get 3 free. Great bargain.

In all the night was rather relaxing minus the fact that Munchkin didn't understand why I was getting to buy stuff and he didn't get anything. I tried to explain to him that Mommy needed this stuff. (Ok so I really need the calendar, but I did buy him one too.) He didn't quit get the concept. He kept depressingly saying that he needed more games for his gamecube. I reminded him that Santa just brought him some. His reply, "But only 6." According to him his friend Anthony has so many more. What can I say, my child is so deprived. Yeah right.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

To move or not to move

I need some opinions. My friend Juanita is moving to Pennsylvania with her family. She is really pushing for me to move with her. The idea is both appealing and not so appealing. I will miss Juanita alot and what little of a social life I do have will disappear 90% when she moves. We tell eachother everything. Her husband says he can get me a job with his company making better money than I do now, but my job now has excellent benefits. Munchkin loves her boys to death. They are all like brothers. A move may be just what I need to give my life a little push and excitement. Maybe my true love lives in Penn. Then again do I really want to move Munchkin from his family and friends here? I am extremely close to my family even though they drive me nuts most of the time. If I went with Juanita I would get out of my parent's house, but I would just be moving in to hers so I wouldn't really be on my own. I have told Juanita that after she and her family get settled then I will consider the move, but she countered that with they need to know if I am coming so that they can consider what type of house. That is putting alot of pressure on me. I don't want me to be the deciding decision on their house. I mean what if I do move there and I find the love of my life and move out after 6 months? Also she has said that one of the reasons her husband took the transfer is because after 2 years he will have the option of picking his next transfer. So do I really want to move there and get settled and then have them move away and leave me stranded? I just don't know what to do. I have been debating this for a week or so. Argh. I wish I knew what to do. If it was just me I would probably move in a heartbeat, but I have Reese to consider too. I will have to talk to a few other people and find out what to do. If anyone actually is reading this let me know what you think.