Friday, January 06, 2006

Need vs. Want

Decided to do some returns and use up the gift cards tonight. The first stop was Old Navy. I wanted to exchange a sweater, but to my dismay there weren't any to by found because they already had their Spring clothes on display. Geesh it is only January. I did however find this really cute apron that says Kiss the Cook. Now I can be cute while using my new mixer and pans.

Then on to the mall. I wanted to go to Lane Bryant cause they were having an awesome sale. Buy 2 bras get 2 free, which is a great deal when you spend $30 on a bra. $30!!!! Yes that is right. I have a rather large chest so my bras, or planters as my neighbor calls them, are one thing I don't buy cheap. I need the support.

Next I wanted to hit Victoria Secrets (VC). However I was sidetracked on the way by a calendar stand that advertised 50% off. Just today me and my coworker were discussing how I needed a new calendar. She even mentioned how she spotted one yesterday titled studs and spurs, which pictured half dressed cowboys. Yeehaw!! Well of course when I spotted it tonight I had to buy it. I just hope my boss won't be offended by it.

Finally I hit VC and my jaw dropped. By looking at the store you would have thought that it was the day after Thanksgiving. Everything was picked over and there were at least 15 people in line. I don't usually shop VC, but I had a gift card and I can usually wear their underwear (not panties, I don't like that word). I also was suppose to check out the selection for my sister. Luckily I didn't see anything I like, but even if I did I don't think I would have stood in that line. Yikes.

I had my heart set on buying new underwear, so back to Lane Bryant I went. They had them on sale for 3 get 3 free. Great bargain.

In all the night was rather relaxing minus the fact that Munchkin didn't understand why I was getting to buy stuff and he didn't get anything. I tried to explain to him that Mommy needed this stuff. (Ok so I really need the calendar, but I did buy him one too.) He didn't quit get the concept. He kept depressingly saying that he needed more games for his gamecube. I reminded him that Santa just brought him some. His reply, "But only 6." According to him his friend Anthony has so many more. What can I say, my child is so deprived. Yeah right.


Lisa said...

I am amazed at the things kids have today. Isn't it funny that he feels so deprived with only SIX games? I'm not at that stage with my child yet.... I should enjoy that while it lasts.

Lisa said...

Can I link you to my St. Louis blog? Just wondering....

Jaelithe said...

I feel very lucky that my son is still young enough to be just as thrilled by hand-me-downs from his uncles as he was by his shiny new Xmas presents.

"Only" six games . . . what is this world coming to? I'm glad you're depriving him :)

Reba said...

Yes you can link me to your blog. Anyone who reads may do so. Thanks for the support.