Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dancing Queen

I have many years of dance experience. I loved it when I was growing up. I started when I was 3 and quit due to school when I was 17. I did almost all of it. Tap, ballet, pom pom, jazz, and some hip hop. I also taught it for many years to kids ranging from 2 to 12. I ended up getting burned out on it because that was all I did. Plus I was starting to get into arguments with the owners and I had to keep that relationship intact because that is my nieces family. Long story short I decided to quit and was very disappointed when not one person told me that they would miss me. This just enforced my decision.

Over the years I have missed it, particularly the tap dancing. That was my favorite. My mom has tried to get me to join back up with her at the studio she takes lessons at, but I don't want to do all the other forms of dance. I only am interested in tap. I had looked at other local studios particularly COCA in Clayton. They offered a class that I was interested in, but it was only on Weds at 4:30. I just couldn't pull that off with Munchkin and my job. A few weeks ago however my mom told me about a friend of hers who was doing an 8 week tap workshop. It sounded fun, but I told her to find out if it was for beginners or intermediate dancers. I didn't want to give up a night to stand around and be bored with stuff I already know. My mom convinced my to just try it out, but she also convinced two of my sisters to try it also. I figured that if it was a class for beginners I could joke around and do advanced moves with my sisters.

The first class was last night. It was basically for adult beginners, but it was still fun. My sisters and I got to joke around and we just sped up the steps to make them more complicated. I was surprised at how much I remembered though. The teacher would call out a step I would immediately know how to do. I guess it is just like riding a bike you never forget. Hopefully as the weeks go on the steps with become more difficult, but if not I look at it as at least I am not at home sitting on my butt watching tv.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

My Great Addiction

My downfall is a good romance novel. I have always loved to read, but within the last year or 2 I have once again rediscovered that passion. I also have a friend who loves to read too. We are constantly trading books or recommended authors. She also introduced me to the ever wonderful book fairs. I love to reread books, so I have never wanted to go to the library to get a book that I may love, but have to give back. I also hate spending money on a book that I may or may not like. The book fair has solved that problem. I don't mind paying $20 for books when I walk away with over 30 of them. I have done this many times. I think reading is a wonderful hobby and it also helps with ones literary skills and vocab etc. Although I was talking to my mom the other day and mentioned that I had very little extensive vocab and she said with all the reading I do I should have an immense one. I giggled and then agreed and proceeded to call out my vocab. Her is a short list......member, throbbing, nipple, sex, passion, ecstasy. I think you get the point. At the time is was very funny.

The only bad thing with my addiction is that I have been known to lay in bed and read all night sometimes up til I have to get up to go to work. I have also been known to spend all Saturday and Sunday reading a book that has caught my attention. I am constantly telling myself just one more chapter and I repeat that at least 10 times.

I am sure some of you have guessed that reason I have thought of this is because I have done exactly what I just stated. Although I will say that I did put the book down to do a quick hour of cleaning and to make Munchkin lunch and dinner. So now I am off again. Just started it this morning and have less then 100 pages left to go. Can't wait to see how it ends.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's a Boy!!

A friend of mine just had to have a c-section after 24 hours of labor. After listening to her tell me the story of this I thought I would think back to my fun 12 hours of labor.

It all started at The Fox where I was watching Miss Siagon. I thought that the seats were just uncomfortable, but after I got home I noticed that the throbing in my back wasn't going away and then it turned into full blown contractions. After I got checked into the hospital I had a few uneventful hours. The doctor finally made the call to break my water. That is not fun. Since the baby had already had a bowel movement they had to hook him up to monitors and they also hooked me up to a tube that squirts water into the uterus to clean it out. For the life of me I can't remember the technical term, but basically it was like my water was breaking for hours. It was gross!! I went a few more uneventful hours before the pain finally started to get to me. At this point I requested the epideral. Unfortunately there were a few emergency c-sections so I had to wait over 2 hours for it. Finally I got the epideral, but not 20 minutes later I noticed an extreme pressure "down there". My lamaze couch took a look and the baby was starting to crown. It happened so quickly that no one was prepared and they had to run and get the doctor. I had a pretty easy time pushing. I did end up having an episiotomy cause the baby was big, 9lbs 3 oz. Ok so far you maybe thinking that the birth was simple, but here is where it gets bad. They took the baby to have his vitals checked and while they were doing this the doctor was taking care of the placenta, but for some reason it all wouldn't come out. So the doctor informed me that I may feel a little pressure, which I did when his whole arm disappeared inside me. It was freaky. I could see his arm, but I could feel him scrapping away inside the uterus. Then after they stitched me up they noticed that I wouldn't stop bleeding, so they knew something was wrong. I had to open me back up and discovered that I had torn 3 places on the inside. They had to have another doctor come in and assit the sewing up because I had to be held open. Luckily I was still numb and couldn't feel all this. When this was all done I finally got to hold the new lovely baby, but only for about 10 seconds before I decided to pass out for 7 hours from majoy blood lose. I don't remember anything until I woke up, but my coach informed me that my blood pressure was extremely low and kept setting of all the alarms. It all turned out ok and after a few weeks of extremely painful sitting and walking I healed all up and now I have a wonderful 5 year old.

I love to hear about other people's labor experiences, so feel free to leave your comments.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Part of Munchkins tuition is paid with service hours, which includes working a bingo hall. My neighbor and I volunteered to do this every 2nd Thursday of the month. So tonight was my first night. I have to admit I was a little nervous about what I was gonna have to do. Turns out it was very simple and actually kinda fun. All I had to do was walk around with a tray of pulltabs and listen for people to call me over. Another one of my tasks was to assist people when they called Bingo. I only had a chance to do that once. There was another guy there that kept getting to do this. Why just him. Maybe cause everytime a bingo was called out he would sprint across the room to be the first there. It was pretty funny to watch and by the end we were all teasing him about it. Asking if he had to stretch before he came, etc. It wasn't very busy so we got to leave early, but we told this guy that we had to go home and train so that we could beat him. At the time it was pretty funny, but now it sounds like you had to be there to think it was funny. O'well.

Another thing we were joking about are these bingo enthusiasts. I understand that the game is fun and it is all luck, but come on. Do you really need to have 15 dobbers? There were people there lighting candles, setting out little displays of statues, etc. And how dare you even talk while they are calling out the numbers. I hope I don't end up doing that when I get old. It is just a game.

A little advertising........For any one here in the St. Louis area who is interesting in playing Bingo/keeping my kids tuition low......Bingo is played on Thursday nights, starting at 6, at the Band Wagon Hall. This is located at Lemay Ferry and Baumgartner/Meramec Bottom. Hope to see ya there!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

In Need of an Outhouse

Since the weather was so pretty this weekend Munchkin played most of the weekend with our 8 year old neighbor, Ana. The 2 of them pretty much spend all their time home together, which makes us parents a little nervous. I know they are young, but you still worry about when they might get a little curious about eachothers different body parts, so we tend to constantly check on them if they are in a room alone.

One day they were at Ana's house playing in her room. Her door was shut, but cracked enough that you could hear them. Kim, Ana's mom, told me that as she was walking past the room she heard them talking about playing "doctor". She freaked out and whipped the door open so fast to see what was going on. To her relief that had a floor full of sick and injured stuffed animals that needed medical attention.

Now back to this weekend. As I was walking passed our sliding doors to the yard I noticed Reese was pulling up his pants. At first I thought that he must have fallen and his pants got stuck. I wanted to be sure so I called him over to the house. I knew something was wrong when he slowly wondered over. I proceeded to ask him why his pants were down. His response? He had to go to the bathroom and he didn't think he could make it, so he went outside. Yes I know that all boys/men pee outside on trees, so I shouldn't have gotten upset. However I did for 3 reasons. 1. He did it with Ana standing right next to him watching. 2. He doesn't know how to discreetly lower just the front of his pants, so everything including underwear were down around his ankles. 3. He did in the middle of a cute old couples yard that connects with ours. So needless to say I was furious. I think Munchkin will be in his late 30s before he ever thinks about peeing outdoors again.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Need vs. Want

Decided to do some returns and use up the gift cards tonight. The first stop was Old Navy. I wanted to exchange a sweater, but to my dismay there weren't any to by found because they already had their Spring clothes on display. Geesh it is only January. I did however find this really cute apron that says Kiss the Cook. Now I can be cute while using my new mixer and pans.

Then on to the mall. I wanted to go to Lane Bryant cause they were having an awesome sale. Buy 2 bras get 2 free, which is a great deal when you spend $30 on a bra. $30!!!! Yes that is right. I have a rather large chest so my bras, or planters as my neighbor calls them, are one thing I don't buy cheap. I need the support.

Next I wanted to hit Victoria Secrets (VC). However I was sidetracked on the way by a calendar stand that advertised 50% off. Just today me and my coworker were discussing how I needed a new calendar. She even mentioned how she spotted one yesterday titled studs and spurs, which pictured half dressed cowboys. Yeehaw!! Well of course when I spotted it tonight I had to buy it. I just hope my boss won't be offended by it.

Finally I hit VC and my jaw dropped. By looking at the store you would have thought that it was the day after Thanksgiving. Everything was picked over and there were at least 15 people in line. I don't usually shop VC, but I had a gift card and I can usually wear their underwear (not panties, I don't like that word). I also was suppose to check out the selection for my sister. Luckily I didn't see anything I like, but even if I did I don't think I would have stood in that line. Yikes.

I had my heart set on buying new underwear, so back to Lane Bryant I went. They had them on sale for 3 get 3 free. Great bargain.

In all the night was rather relaxing minus the fact that Munchkin didn't understand why I was getting to buy stuff and he didn't get anything. I tried to explain to him that Mommy needed this stuff. (Ok so I really need the calendar, but I did buy him one too.) He didn't quit get the concept. He kept depressingly saying that he needed more games for his gamecube. I reminded him that Santa just brought him some. His reply, "But only 6." According to him his friend Anthony has so many more. What can I say, my child is so deprived. Yeah right.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

To move or not to move

I need some opinions. My friend Juanita is moving to Pennsylvania with her family. She is really pushing for me to move with her. The idea is both appealing and not so appealing. I will miss Juanita alot and what little of a social life I do have will disappear 90% when she moves. We tell eachother everything. Her husband says he can get me a job with his company making better money than I do now, but my job now has excellent benefits. Munchkin loves her boys to death. They are all like brothers. A move may be just what I need to give my life a little push and excitement. Maybe my true love lives in Penn. Then again do I really want to move Munchkin from his family and friends here? I am extremely close to my family even though they drive me nuts most of the time. If I went with Juanita I would get out of my parent's house, but I would just be moving in to hers so I wouldn't really be on my own. I have told Juanita that after she and her family get settled then I will consider the move, but she countered that with they need to know if I am coming so that they can consider what type of house. That is putting alot of pressure on me. I don't want me to be the deciding decision on their house. I mean what if I do move there and I find the love of my life and move out after 6 months? Also she has said that one of the reasons her husband took the transfer is because after 2 years he will have the option of picking his next transfer. So do I really want to move there and get settled and then have them move away and leave me stranded? I just don't know what to do. I have been debating this for a week or so. Argh. I wish I knew what to do. If it was just me I would probably move in a heartbeat, but I have Reese to consider too. I will have to talk to a few other people and find out what to do. If anyone actually is reading this let me know what you think.