Thursday, January 12, 2006


Part of Munchkins tuition is paid with service hours, which includes working a bingo hall. My neighbor and I volunteered to do this every 2nd Thursday of the month. So tonight was my first night. I have to admit I was a little nervous about what I was gonna have to do. Turns out it was very simple and actually kinda fun. All I had to do was walk around with a tray of pulltabs and listen for people to call me over. Another one of my tasks was to assist people when they called Bingo. I only had a chance to do that once. There was another guy there that kept getting to do this. Why just him. Maybe cause everytime a bingo was called out he would sprint across the room to be the first there. It was pretty funny to watch and by the end we were all teasing him about it. Asking if he had to stretch before he came, etc. It wasn't very busy so we got to leave early, but we told this guy that we had to go home and train so that we could beat him. At the time it was pretty funny, but now it sounds like you had to be there to think it was funny. O'well.

Another thing we were joking about are these bingo enthusiasts. I understand that the game is fun and it is all luck, but come on. Do you really need to have 15 dobbers? There were people there lighting candles, setting out little displays of statues, etc. And how dare you even talk while they are calling out the numbers. I hope I don't end up doing that when I get old. It is just a game.

A little advertising........For any one here in the St. Louis area who is interesting in playing Bingo/keeping my kids tuition low......Bingo is played on Thursday nights, starting at 6, at the Band Wagon Hall. This is located at Lemay Ferry and Baumgartner/Meramec Bottom. Hope to see ya there!!!!

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