Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gotta Love Em...Well Actually, No I Don't

As the bride, my understanding is that what I pick is what goes. Unless of course the groom doesn't like it, but that isn't the case. It is the future female in-laws. Here are a few conversations that I have had recently.

First let me give these people names. We have LD's sister-in-law. His family refers to her as The Princess and not as a compliment. So that is what I will call her. Then there is his mom. I will call her MIL. There is also his sister. I will call her SIL. Ok, here we go.

Me: "So do you like the dress?"

Princess: "It's what you want."

Me: silence What I am wanted to say. "Don't act to excited" or "Damn straight"


Princess: "So since the dress is tea length what color nylons should we wear?"

Me: "Oh I am not gonna have you wear nylons. I don't like them."

Princess: "I have to wear Nylons with closed toe shoes. My feet would hurt if I didn't."

Me: "Can't you wear nylon footies or get those foot petals to keep your feet from sliding?"

Princess: "No. Those slid around. I have to wear full nylons even with pants if I wear closed toe shoes."

Me: "Oh" What I really wanted to say "Tough shit. It is my wedding and you won't be wearing them."


MIL: "So are we gonna need both banquet rooms for the rehersal dinner?"

Me: "I am not sure. LD did a count of how many people will be there. You figure that the wedding party is 26 and then there dates. Although most of the wedding party is married to another person in the wedding party."

MIL: "Oh my. We are talking 75 people?"

Me: "I don't know."

MIL: "That is going to be alot."

Me: silence What I really wanted to say "Well you are the one who wanted to add more people to the wedding party, so it is your fault it is so many people."


Me: "These are the shoes that I want everyone to wear."

SIL: " Those heels are too high. I will never be able to walk in them."

ME: "I don't think they are that high."

MIL: "SIL will never be able to walk in those."


Me: "I have decided to just let everyone buy their own shoes. As long as they are heels, closed toe and in silver."

MIL: "Are we gonna be able to find them anywhere?"

Me: "Buy them off the internet." What I wanted to say. "I am trying to please you and you can't even be gracious."


Me: "You guys don't have anymore wedding to plan. Unless you wait for Mickey, but he is only 10."

SIL: "She might have to fight over that with Princess and MIckey."

Princess: "And the bride of course."

MIL: "Bride?? Who is that."

Me: "Yeah, who is that?" What I wanted to say was "Exactly!"


Me: "You realize that your sister and Princess are gonna hate me by the time this wedding is over."

LD: "Why?"

Me: "Cause I am gonna make them do everything that they don't want to do."

LD: "No they won't"

Me: "Whatever."


I swear I can't seem to please these ladies and I have given up. After all was done yesterday I had a mini meltdown. LD is very supportive with what is going on. Neither of us want to cause any huge fights, so for now we are keeping our mouths shut. However if it keeps up at this rate I will explode.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What to Give Up

Today marks the beginning of Lent. I have been thinking of what I can give up. Some years I stick to it and others I fail miserably.

One year I gave up sex. I did awesome that year. Of course I was single and I never had any propositions for one night stands, which I probably would have declined anyway. Although someone did point out that I should have given up my own "self indulgence" instead. That is just plain crazy. I would have failed miserably.

I have given up soda and chocolate before. Soda was easy, but I didn't last with the chocolate. I could give up one of these, but I want something challenging and I don't drink alot of soda. Oh and I gave up chocolate earlier this year for another reason. I will have to write a post on that to get everyone up to date. So I finally came up with giving up fried food. This should be a challenge since I love me some french fries.

There is a second motive to giving up the fried food. Weight loss before big Wedding in October. Gotta look my best. What will you be giving up or if you aren't giving up anything, what should you give up?

Friday, February 09, 2007

Love This Movie

My new favorite toy is my iPod that LD got me for christmas. I have loaded tons of my cds on it and a few of Munchkins. Yesterday I was looking at what songs I could buy and a movie that I saw years ago popped in my head. It then dawned on my that there had to be a soundtrack to it. There was and of course I bought it.

What movie you ask. Why it is "Best Little Whorehouse". This movie stars Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton and has Dolly singing the famous song "I Will Always Love You". Here are a few clips for those who don't know what movie I am talking about and also for those who do. Enjoy.

Dolly Singing at the Chicken Ranch

Football players singing about going to the Chicken Ranch

Dolly and Burt (This one has a few minutes of talking and then singing.)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I finally upgraded my blogger. Hope ya like the changes. I kinda like the colors, but that is likely to change. I am a woman and tend to change my mind often.

I don't really have the time or patients right now to put all my daily reads on, so don't think that I forgot any of you that are used to seeing yourselves on my sidebar. I will get you on there later this week.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Blame Game

LD's grandmother passed away yesterday and half of his family is blaming themselves for her death. Here is the story.

About 3 weeks ago grandma (g-ma) went into the hospital for a heart attack. It was then discovered that she had multiple bleeding ulcers, bacterial blood infection and lymphoma. The cancer was in her lungs and had caused a growth in her throat that left her with only 4 mm to breath out of. The lymphoma would kill her in months, but the growth would suffocate her in days, so they wanted her transfered to Barnes Jewish for cancer treatment. G-ma was 83 years old, so treatment would not necessarily cure her, so chemo would not always be good, but it would shrink her growth so that she could breath and not have a horrible choking death. G-ma was very reluctant, but finally agreed to go and have chemo.

G-ma began having chemo and was getting better. She could breathe better, her body wasn't as swollen, but she wasn't eating. This was not a major concern since she was a rather large woman and the IV was keeping her hydrated. While this was all going on we found out that she had known that she had this cancer months ago, but did nothing to treat it. She didn't even tell her husband. They also were told that she hadn't been sleeping flat on her back for months cause she was unable to breath in that position. Family members were hurt and angry, but G-ma still looked good.

Then the worst happened. Her lungs gave out and she was put on life support. Then her kidneys began failing. They had a choice to make let her live off machines or let her go. They let her go. Now the blaming begins.

They all felt guilty for pushing her to have chemo. She would have lived if not for the chemo making her weak they said. Others including myself have tried to explain that without the chemo she would have choked to death. Which is so much more worse than having a doctor make you comfortable for your last breath. Plus she would have died at home with her husband who would have freaked out and probably died himself. Then the big argument is that if she would have told everyone when this first was noticed it would have never been this bad and would have been treatable.

Guilt and grief are funny things though. No matter how well you argue that it wasn't their fault there is no changing how they feel. So all we can do is support them at this moment.

Friday, February 02, 2007

It Tingles

I was gonna do a post, but my hand is sleeping and it hurts to type. I guess I will post tomorrow.