Thursday, February 23, 2006

Round and Round They Go

Nascar officially started this past Sunday. Yippee. No seriously. The only reason I know this is because my friend's husband is a Nascar/Jeff Gordon freak. His garage has all kinds of Gordon stuff hanging up and everytime he has the remote he some how finds a race on tv.

I never have understood how someone could sit and watch a nascar race. I mean how exciting is watching cars drive in circles. I have to admit though that Sunday I did sit through the whole thing and it wasn't as boring as I thought it would be. Then again I was with friends so half the time we were talking and not really paying attention. My favorite part of the race is the crashes. I know that is probably wrong, but that is the only excitement. Plus my friend and her husband kept getting into little arguments that I thought were so hilarious. So all in all it was a pretty good time. I told 'em to expect me next week at the same time. Who knows I may become a fan after all.

Last thing with Nascar. If you have a dirty mind you can also make Nascar fun by listening to the announcers. They make the sport sound really gay. The things they say can be so perverted. For example..............He is coming in from behind. He is taking it from behind. He is packed in the middle. ETC. Just listen the next time they are on. Then again my mind and my friend's are always in the gutter, so this may only be funny to us.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Phone Call Away

Munchkin's father lives in England and has yet to ever meet him, but after one mass argument between him and me we came to an agreement that I would have Munchkin call him once every weekend. Along with this agreement his father stated that he would call everyother weekend, so that I wouldn't have to take the whole burden of the phone bills. This deal was made in May 2005.

Since then Munchkin has called his father and English Grandparent's almost every weekend. I must admit that there were weekends that I was just so busy that it slipped my mind and when I would remember it would be too late their time to call them. (they are 6 hours ahead) At first it was like pulling teeth to get Munchkin to sit and talk on the phone, but now that he is in school and has started sports he has more to talk about, so he is beginning to enjoy these conversations. They have also helped with the questions that Munchkin had begun asking me about his father. So it all seemed to be working out.

I do however have some complaints. The first being that when we came to this conclusion we agreed that I would not be taking part in these phone conversations. If I was needed to be contacted then they could use my email. Munchkin's father and Grandparents have seemed to forget this part though. On many occasions Munchkin has handed me the phone saying that one of them wanted to speak to me. This puts me in a bad spot. I so desperately want to say no, but how do you explain to your 5 year old that you don't want to talk to them, when he is forced to. The other complaint is that his father has never held up his bargain to call everyother weekend and most of the time his father isn't even home to talk. I understand he has a life and may not be home every weekend, but you would think that after not talking to his son for 3 or 4 weeks he would make an effort to call before he left to go "party". But then again I would also think that a father would make an effort to visit his son at least once in his 5 years.

I know my son has a wonderful life and plenty of male figures that are much better role models than his father ever would be, but sometimes it just pains my heart that he does not really know his father. I just hope that one day I will meet someone to fill that role and give him the unconditional love of a father.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Meeting Mr. Right

I am basically happy with my life as it is at least most of the time. I do however get lonely sometimes and meeting the perfect man or even a half-way decent man has proven to be extremely hard these days. I know some of the reason is my fault because I don't get out to socialize much, but there are reasons for that........
1st.............I have a 5 year old that takes up most of my free time.

2nd............Half of my friends are married. It is this set of friends that make it the most difficult to be single. I think they forget how hard it is to date and be a single parent. They are always pushing me to meet people, but how am I suppose to do that if all we do is hang out at their houses. Especially since they don't have any single friends to set me up with. Then they are always teasing me about being single and needing to hook up with someone. I don't want to just hook up with some one. I want serious.

3rd............The other half of my friends are single and have no responsibilities other than themselves. This means they are always going out and most of the time at the last minute and late at night. They don't really seem to understand that getting a sitter at last minute is almost impossible and also that partying til 2 in the morning doesn't really work when you have to get up for work at 5am that same morning. Even if all of this was ok the bars that they frequent are not exactly the best place to meet a "nice" guy.

4th...........I really don't want to admit this, but one reason is just ME. I have never been a real social type. I love to hang out with people, but not really at loud obnoxious bars/night clubs. I have also been told that I can be a little intimidating. I didn't really understand this, but I have had it explained to me. Apparently my sense of humor/sarcasm can make me seem a little mean. I have met people with similar personalities and we get along great. I just haven't found that one guy who can handle it. My friends have said that I should be nice so that someone will like me, but I don't think I should have to change who I am for someone to like me. I mean I am obviously a good person or I wouldn't have so many friends.

Now that I have hashed out why I don't have a love life let me tell you why this was brought up. I volunteered to babysit a friends kids so her and her husband could go out for her birthday. They decided they weren't gonna go out, but that I should still come over to hang out. I decided that I was just gonna stay home since I was dog sitting and it was more convenient to stay home since they live 40 minutes from me. I mean I wouldn't have been able to drink and I wouldn't have been able to stay too long since I had to let the dog out. Her response to this was that I am never gonna meet a guy with always dog sitting. The way she said it really hurt my feelings. She is always nagging me to get out and meet guys, but she is also the one who always wants to stay in. So I said to her that I am not gonna meet anyone just sitting in her living room. It is things like this that just make me mad. I want to meet someone, but I am not gonna go out every night to try to pick someone up. I figure it will happen if it was meant to happen.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Always with Us

Munchkin has always been very aware of my Dad's father being dead. I don't know if it is because he is the only person he has visited in a cemetery or if it is because his Grandpa and him are so very close. Munchkin always comments on his Grandpa's father no longer being here. So the other day when he once again comment on this my heart was just filled with so much love for him that I almost wanted to cry for his 5 year old logic. Here is what he said.

Munchkin: Mom, Grandpa doesn't have to be sad.

Me: Why?

Munchkin: Because he will always be with him.

This came out of nowhere, but I instantly knew he was talking about my grandad and I just wanted to cry and grab my sweet lovely little boy. I just wish that my Dad was home to hear it.