Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Phone Call Away

Munchkin's father lives in England and has yet to ever meet him, but after one mass argument between him and me we came to an agreement that I would have Munchkin call him once every weekend. Along with this agreement his father stated that he would call everyother weekend, so that I wouldn't have to take the whole burden of the phone bills. This deal was made in May 2005.

Since then Munchkin has called his father and English Grandparent's almost every weekend. I must admit that there were weekends that I was just so busy that it slipped my mind and when I would remember it would be too late their time to call them. (they are 6 hours ahead) At first it was like pulling teeth to get Munchkin to sit and talk on the phone, but now that he is in school and has started sports he has more to talk about, so he is beginning to enjoy these conversations. They have also helped with the questions that Munchkin had begun asking me about his father. So it all seemed to be working out.

I do however have some complaints. The first being that when we came to this conclusion we agreed that I would not be taking part in these phone conversations. If I was needed to be contacted then they could use my email. Munchkin's father and Grandparents have seemed to forget this part though. On many occasions Munchkin has handed me the phone saying that one of them wanted to speak to me. This puts me in a bad spot. I so desperately want to say no, but how do you explain to your 5 year old that you don't want to talk to them, when he is forced to. The other complaint is that his father has never held up his bargain to call everyother weekend and most of the time his father isn't even home to talk. I understand he has a life and may not be home every weekend, but you would think that after not talking to his son for 3 or 4 weeks he would make an effort to call before he left to go "party". But then again I would also think that a father would make an effort to visit his son at least once in his 5 years.

I know my son has a wonderful life and plenty of male figures that are much better role models than his father ever would be, but sometimes it just pains my heart that he does not really know his father. I just hope that one day I will meet someone to fill that role and give him the unconditional love of a father.


Lisa said...

I want to go over to England right now and kick that man's ass. I also want to kick his parents in the ass because what parent thinks it is ok for their children to shirk parental responsibilities? Grrr.

Lisa said...

Oh and I hope you meet a wonderful guy someday too!