Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Always with Us

Munchkin has always been very aware of my Dad's father being dead. I don't know if it is because he is the only person he has visited in a cemetery or if it is because his Grandpa and him are so very close. Munchkin always comments on his Grandpa's father no longer being here. So the other day when he once again comment on this my heart was just filled with so much love for him that I almost wanted to cry for his 5 year old logic. Here is what he said.

Munchkin: Mom, Grandpa doesn't have to be sad.

Me: Why?

Munchkin: Because he will always be with him.

This came out of nowhere, but I instantly knew he was talking about my grandad and I just wanted to cry and grab my sweet lovely little boy. I just wish that my Dad was home to hear it.

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Lisa said...

That is so sweet and precious. I bet you fall in love with your little man a million times a day. Its one of the great joys of raising sons, I think. :-)