Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Busy Busy

Sorry for the pause in blogging. I have been so busy. I am behind on my Christmas shopping. We have had birthday and Christmas parties to go to. Oh yeah and I got engaged. Yes you read right. LD asked me Saturday night.

He had this great way to ask me, but I kinda spoiled it. He came over to help us decorate our Christmas tree and then we were gonna play games. The game he brought was scrabble. I hate scrabble. I am known for misspelling words and not knowing what a word means, so I refused to play it. I told LP that he could play it with my mom cause she loves that game. He just looked at me and in a stern voice told me that I had to open the game. At this point I looked at the game and him and it dawned on me that there was something in the game. After that I really refused to open the box. I am a stubborn pain in the butt like that.

A few minutes passed and the tree was finished being decorated, so LD reached over to set up Scrabble. I watched as he opened the box and was very disappointed to see nothing other than game pieces. LD passed me the board while he got the letter pieces out. As I opened the board I saw it. He had spelled out Will You Marry Me and other words having to do with marriage on the board. I just stared at it and when I finally looked up he was holding my ring. Of course I said yes because who in there right mind would say no to a huge diamond. I am kidding. I said yes because I want to marry LD and now get to.