Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Oh the Pain and Now the Drainage

I know it has been a while since I have posted I apologize. Last week however I came down with a minor cold that went in to a full fledge cold. I spent my Saturday on the couch coughing, sneezing, aching, and with a fever. Basically I was a walking Nyquil commercial.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling much better, but by the middle of the day my ear was beginning to ache. I blew it off as just a side effect of the cold. By Monday I couldn't even chew anything because I was in so much pain. I had already committed myself to take a friend to the dentist, so I was unable to make it to the doctor then. Oh how I wish I would have.

Tuesday morning was horrible. It hurt to talk. I could hardly move my neck because my glands were swollen. I made it to the doctor and I was diagnosed with a little fluid in my right ear and an inner and outer ear infection in my left. I was given antibiotics and ear drops, but the only thing I could do for the pain was take Advil. This only slightly helped, so I spent most of the rest of the day in tears and on the couch.

Today I feel so much better. My ear is still a little sore, but now my big problem is drainage. YUCK. I feel so sorry for all those little babies who get earaches all the time.

Oh and 2 huge downfalls with me getting sick.............Yesterday was LD's and mine 6 month anniversary. We had a big night planned with new outfits and everything. It had to be rescheduled to Saturday. Also today was Munchkin's school field trip. I decided not to go because I didn't want to expose the kids and I wasn't sure how the pain would be after walking around for 4 hours. I was very disappointed, but Munchkin still had a great time and didn't mind me not going.

I am off to take my antibiotics. Hope everyone else is doing much better. I will be able to get back to work tomorrow, which means I will be able to catch up on reading my daily blogs.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Change is Good as Long as It Doesn't Involve My Radio

Why is it that as soon as I like a certain radio station the dumb Radio companies change it??

In the mornings I used to listen to Craig Cornett (93.7 The Bull), but he was replace by a national talk show. I didn't like them at all, but after wondering through other stations I got hooked to Vic and Trish (101.1 The River). Then what happens? They take them off and replace them with Steve and DC. This talk show has been on the air and pulled several times here in St. Louis and I have never liked them, so I was aggrivated by the switch.

Shortly after that I got a pleasant suprise as I discovered Craig Cornett had returned to the morning show on The Bull. So now I had my morning show and I would just flip back to The River when Steve and DC were over to listen to music. The Radio producers must have gotten wind of my contentment because today I have discovered that they have changed The River to Moving 101. This wouldn't have bothered me except with the name change they also changed the type of music they play. ARGH!!

Well I am off to radio channel surfing again. I should just splurge and buy a small desk CD player.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Why the Internet is Not Alway Good

I spent Labor day weekend out in the country at LD's house. When he first explained where his house was he explained that they did have bobcats, poisonous snakes, and ticks. I was nervous about the bobcats and snakes, but the thought of getting ticks almost every time I went outside just grossed me out. Since then he has treated the grass immediately around his house and the ticks disappeared. So as long as I stayed near the house or on the gravel drive I was ok.

However while we were down there we went to a neighbors house to see LD's horse. While I was there I found 2 tiny ticks crawling on my legs. I quickly pulled them off and inspected my arms and the rest of my legs. I then moved on to inspecting Munchkin. I found no sight of any more ticks. I assumed I walked in some grass at the neighbors that hadn't been treated. I had double checked Reese when we got home and we both had showered multiple times since that day, so I assumed we were both clear. I was wrong.

Yesterday I was scratching my waist and something came of in my nail. To my dismay it was a disgusting tick that was twice the size of the ones I found crawling on me, so I could only assume it had been attached for a few days. It grossed me out and I immediately started to freak out about the head being stuck in me and Lyme disease. I couldn't get hold of LD to see how to remove the head, so I looked on the internet. Bad Idea!

The more I read the more freaked out I got about Lyme Disease. Why is it that when I research something on the internet I only find the sites with worse case scenario. Where is the site that says it is ok. Lyme disease can be easily treated with antibiotics and it is not that common. Instead I find the one that says it is common and even if treated with antibiotics and you have a negative test you may still have it and it can come back later in life to cause more problems. I finally got hold of LD and he told me not to worry that he and his family have always dealt with ticks and the haven't had any problems. Even after all of his reassurance I still couldn't help being a little creeped out because I had a tick sucking my blood that could possibly give me Lyme disease.