Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Change is Good as Long as It Doesn't Involve My Radio

Why is it that as soon as I like a certain radio station the dumb Radio companies change it??

In the mornings I used to listen to Craig Cornett (93.7 The Bull), but he was replace by a national talk show. I didn't like them at all, but after wondering through other stations I got hooked to Vic and Trish (101.1 The River). Then what happens? They take them off and replace them with Steve and DC. This talk show has been on the air and pulled several times here in St. Louis and I have never liked them, so I was aggrivated by the switch.

Shortly after that I got a pleasant suprise as I discovered Craig Cornett had returned to the morning show on The Bull. So now I had my morning show and I would just flip back to The River when Steve and DC were over to listen to music. The Radio producers must have gotten wind of my contentment because today I have discovered that they have changed The River to Moving 101. This wouldn't have bothered me except with the name change they also changed the type of music they play. ARGH!!

Well I am off to radio channel surfing again. I should just splurge and buy a small desk CD player.


Linlee said...

I hear ya. I liked 101.1 the way that it was. Satelite radio is starting to sound pretty

Oh by the way, thanks for all your support on my blog. It really means alot!

Jaelithe said...

Ah I see I am not the only one who finds this change annoying.

Why do they always have to get rid of old radio stations to make new ones? There are all these empty spots on the dial. Pick one! We could use a bit more variety in this town.

Lisa said...

No doubt! I'm not a big fan of Steve and DC either. Do like Craig. Haven't listened to the radio in the a.m. in ages so I've lost track. But that sucks that Vic and Trish are no longer there. I really liked them too!

Michelle said...

Hi, I don't know ya, but I saw one of your comments on Linlee's blog and thought I'd take a look at your blog. I like it.

I tend to listen to MJ in the mornings, they are usually pretty funny. If they take them away in St. Louis, I'll be ticked.