Saturday, January 21, 2006

My Great Addiction

My downfall is a good romance novel. I have always loved to read, but within the last year or 2 I have once again rediscovered that passion. I also have a friend who loves to read too. We are constantly trading books or recommended authors. She also introduced me to the ever wonderful book fairs. I love to reread books, so I have never wanted to go to the library to get a book that I may love, but have to give back. I also hate spending money on a book that I may or may not like. The book fair has solved that problem. I don't mind paying $20 for books when I walk away with over 30 of them. I have done this many times. I think reading is a wonderful hobby and it also helps with ones literary skills and vocab etc. Although I was talking to my mom the other day and mentioned that I had very little extensive vocab and she said with all the reading I do I should have an immense one. I giggled and then agreed and proceeded to call out my vocab. Her is a short list......member, throbbing, nipple, sex, passion, ecstasy. I think you get the point. At the time is was very funny.

The only bad thing with my addiction is that I have been known to lay in bed and read all night sometimes up til I have to get up to go to work. I have also been known to spend all Saturday and Sunday reading a book that has caught my attention. I am constantly telling myself just one more chapter and I repeat that at least 10 times.

I am sure some of you have guessed that reason I have thought of this is because I have done exactly what I just stated. Although I will say that I did put the book down to do a quick hour of cleaning and to make Munchkin lunch and dinner. So now I am off again. Just started it this morning and have less then 100 pages left to go. Can't wait to see how it ends.

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Lisa said...

If you've read Pride and Prejudice, there's a "sequel" called Mr. Darcy takes a Wife. I think you may love it. I did. Jane Austin's book was very romantic but chaste. The sequel, written by Linda Berdoll (I think) is anything but! But I loved it. Just a thought. :-)