Monday, December 19, 2005

The Weekend

I had a busy busy weekend again. I love the holidays, but I can't wait until they are over and I have my relaxing weekends back.

Saturday was my first Christmas party. Since Saturday is usually my laundry day I had to start bright and early to get everything done. The party was ok. I really don't know anybody there, but it is an old family friend's party so I have to go. Munchkin found some other little boys to play with though so at least he wasn't hanging on me the whole time. At one point during the party my mom asked the host to introduce her to some of his friends. When he got to the last guy he exclaimed loudly that he was single and looking and lots of fun to be around. I kept waiting for my mom or the host to chime in that so am I and possibly mention us two doing something. It never happened. I didn't even get introduced. I was a little disappointed and felt a little invisible. After we left I asked my mom why she didn't say anything about me being single too and she said she didn't think of me and she asked why didn't I mention it. Oh yeah that doesn't sound desperate announcing yourself that you are single and looking. O'well.
After the party I went shopping with my mom. I tried to help her finish her Christmas shopping, but we didn't succeed. We did get alot, but she over buys so we didn't finish. A friend of mine comment that I was a good daughter for helping her, but my response to that is that if I don't help my mom gets stressed about getting done and then she gets crabby and living with her when she is crabby is horrible. So in a way I did it for selfish reasons.
Sunday I went to a baptism. It was the first time I have been asked to be a Godmother, so I was pretty excited. I had to start early again though to make it to the 11o'clock mass out in O'Fallon which is about 45 minutes from me. I was doing so well time wise, but I was still about 2 minutes late for mass, but it wasn't my fault. I am blaming the weather. I didn't add more time for snow. My area was nice and dry, but when I got to O'Fallon, they had a nice dusting of snow which slowed traffic. Not to mention I had to walk very carefully on the church parking lot, but I still almost fell 3 times. The baptism was very nice and then we went back to my friends for a little luncheon. It surprised me when the babies grandparents left about 45 minutes after we arrived however. It would have been ok if they had a good excuse, but they left to go shopping. It is their grandbaby's baptism party and they couldn't put off shopping another hour or 2? It was only 1 in the afternoon!! Maybe it is just me, but I am usually one of the last people to be at the parties and I always try to help clean up. After everyone left I hung out for a while cause I was child free and in no hurry. Munchkin was at a birthday party so he was well occupied. Since I was there for a little while I got to feed my Godson. I love babies and haven't been around any for a while so it was fun to get to feed him. Brought back many memories.
As for today I went to work blah blah blah.... Then when I got home I rushed and showered, since I woke up late and didn't have time,and then changed Munchkin and rushed off to his soccer camp. They did some different exercises today. I just love to sit and watch him as he plays. He always has a big smile, so I know he is enjoying himself. Afterwards we went to my uncles restaurant for dinner because the Anheuser Busch Clydesdales(or however it is spelled) were gonna be there. I love those horses. They are huge, but very pretty. The restaurant was packed, but because it is my uncles I have connections and didn't have to wait for a table. Ok really it was because my uncle already had some reserved. Munchkin has very good restaurant manners because I have always taken him out to dinner and he knows the rules and that he has to behave, but the other kids that were there tonight were driving me nuts so I can only imagine how the other customers felt. My uncles were letting their kids get up and wonder around and they were yelling at eachother from table to table. I wanted to get up and yell at the kids to sit down and be quiet cause people are trying to eat, but I am not one to step on other peoples toes especially my uncles since they think they know all. I was so happy to leave. Munchkin was exhausted and fell asleep in the car so bedtime was a piece of cake tonight. I am ready for bed myself. I am always so tired on Mondays. Only one more day of work and then I have 2 days off, so tomorrow won't be too bad, but still not very enjoyable. Someone has to buy presents because they are not made by santa's little elves unlike popular belief.

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