Thursday, December 29, 2005

I am too old for this stuff

I remember when I could sit and talk til all hours of the night and be fine the next day with 1 to 2 hours of slept. However this morning as I fought to keep my eyes opened I discovered that I am too old for that. Ok not really. It is probably the fact that now I work a full-time job and am raising a 5 year old boy, plus all of these late activities have coordinated themselves with the holidays.
It all started Friday the day before Christmas Eve. I was invited to a party. It was fun, but didn't last late at all, but that was just the beginning. Christmas Eve was spent doing some last minute cleaning for out of town guests. I finished with time to spare so I was able to make it to 5pm mass. Before I left for this however our first guests arrived. My cousin was to stay in a guest bedroom (my sister recently moved to Florida and her bedroom has yet to be converted to another use) and my Aunt was gonna stay in my other sisters room. It worked out great because she has a bunk bed and the bottom bed is a queen. I went to put my aunts bag in my sisters room and to my dismay discovered her room looked as though a tornado hit. The top bunk was filled with junk and I think I saw a little patch of floor. What were we gonna do for a sleeping arrangement? I had to get to church and a x-mas eve family party, so I would worry about it later.

After talking with my sisters later that evening we decided that my aunt didn't mind the messy room cause the queen bed was clean, so she would stay in there and my sister that was being booted from her room would sleep on my son's bed and he would sleep with me. That worked out wonderfully except for the fact that I only have a twin and the munchkin takes up the whole bed. So I didn't get a good nights sleep. And I can't forget the fact either that since it was x-mas eve Santa had to come and deliver the toys, so I didn't get to bed until around 1. Mainly cause I was helping my mom with her last minute stuff.

Christmas was an early night thank goodness and was Monday, but the days were just mass chaos, so I was exhausted both nights and Tuesday I had to return to the early 6:30am work schedule.

Now the late nights start again. Tuesday I received a phone call from a friend who was in town and wanted me to join the group at a piano bar called the Big Bang. I said I would try, but we were doing a dinner for my G-ma who was visiting. 9 o'clock rolled around and I was just putting Munchkin to bed, so I decided not to go, but then Casey called. SHe wanted to know if I would go with her to the Big Bang to meet up with the group. (Now the friends that we were gonna meet up with are friends from highschool and early college. A few are married, but most are single, in school, or just starting to get full time jobs. So Casey and I don't quit always fit in, since we both have full time day jobs and I have Munchkin. Because of this Casey and I tend to plan our time with the group around eachother. If one of us can't go then the other won't. We get excluded, but at least if we go together we have eachother to talk too.) So needless to say I went ahead and went. I didn't even talk to the friend that I was going to visit, so the trip was basically pointless and I didn't get to bed until after midnight.
On weds my G-ma from StL had all her granddaughters spend the night at her house. It just so happened that Munchkin was spending the night at the neighbors house so I was able to participate in the fun. I had a blast playing games and gossiping, but by the time 11 o'clock came rolling around I was exhausted. I managed to keep my eyes open until 1:30, but it was getting pretty hard. I decided to go home that night so that I was home to shower and stuff before work. So by the time I got home and in bed it was after 2 and I had to be up by 5. So today I am exhausted and Munchkin doesn't know this yet, but we are going to bed at 8!!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Holidays.

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