Friday, December 16, 2005


Today as I was sitting watching TV while Munchkin was cleaning up his toys I noticed that all of a sudden he was extremely quiet and hadn't come out from his toy corner for a while. I thought that maybe he had crawled back there and fallen asleep like he has done on other occasions, but then I heard the faintest sound. Reminded me of someone whittling wood. I knew that couldn't possibly be what Munchkin was doing. I slowly and quietly tip toed to the couch to peak over at him. Right as my head popped above the couch we made eye contact and he knew he had gotten caught. In his lap was his stuffed Picachu doll and he was holding a pair of scissors. He had decided that he was gonna play hairstylist and Picachu needed a different hair-do and tail-do. Scattered on the floor and clinging to his paints was fuzz from the dolls ears, tail, head, and back. It is hard not to laugh at what he was doing. Did he seriously think that I wouldn't think that something suspicious was going on behind the couch? Out of sight out of mind??? That phrase isn't used for a mother of a young child. Out of sight what are they in to is more like it. After a quick discussion about how he knew it was wrong and that is why he hid he picked up his mess and showed off the newly styled hair on his animal.

Kids can be so sneaky.

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