Monday, December 12, 2005

Soccer Mom

Today was Reese's second night of indoor soccer camp. They are teaching him better control of the ball. This is the first he has ever done the whole soccer thing so I was nervous that he wouldn't like it because he may be a little behind the other kids. My fears were not needed. Reese loves it and is catching on very quickly. I had a friend come and sit and watch with me. She asked me which one was Reese and I said the one over there with the sweat drenched hair. After she noticed that Reese was sweating like it was 100 degrees outside even though the building is maybe 60, she had no problem spotting him the rest of the time. What can I say my kid is a sweater and it is usually gross and nasty, but also funny since he runs up to people and rubs his sweaty head on their bare arms. The faces that the unsuspecting person makes is hilarious.
I am glad that Reese enjoys playing, but I do not enjoy sitting and watching. I am a single working mother and I only have one child, so as I look around and notice that all the other mothers are either holding an infant or scolding a waddling toddler I feel totally left out. I just don't feel that I have met the requisite for being a soccer mom. But as I sit and notice all these mothers my eyes wonder back to the field and I notice that a few of the coaches are younger and pretty darn hot if I do say so myself. So I don't feel so bad about not having to chase around another kid or talk about my sick baby because that would take up my time from checking out the behind of the coaches as they chase after the kids. That sight is well worth the not being a soccer mom.
I am totally looking forward to next weeks practice.


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