Thursday, December 15, 2005

Our First Christmas Concert

Tonight we had our first Christmas concert. I found out about it at the last minute however. Actually I read the little bitty announcement on our Friday flyer wrong. I thought the concert was only for the younger kids and Munchkin is in Kindergarten. He informed me though on the way home from school that he had to be there. Since I wasn't aware of this earlier he didn't get a new Christmas outfit to wear, but luckily I had a nice sweater for him to wear. Now that I know that all the kids participate in the concerts I will totally be prepared next year.

The kindergarten and 1st graders sang together. They were so cute. They had little dance moves to go with everything. Absolutely adorable. Although I have to admit Munchkin was the cutest. One funny thing I noticed was how the boys voices drastically changed from the 6th to 7th graders. You could that puberty and the voice change happens between these ages. I had to laugh when you went from hearing the high pitch squeal of boys to the extremely low Ho Ho Ho of the older boys. I am not looking forward to Munchkin going through puberty. I still have a few more years to go thankfully.

Gotta go load the dishwasher. A mother's job is never done.

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