Sunday, December 11, 2005

Snow Day

Remind me never to start a new blog around the holidays. There is just not enough time in the day to do everything that you want.

So here is Missouri it snowed on Thursday. We got a total of 4inches. Luckily it happened on a day that I had already planned on taking off since the kids were out of school. THe little neighbor girl came over bright and early to play with my son, who was still sleeping. After she woke him up and he discovered that there was snow he decided to skip breakfast and get straight to the snowball fights. Now I am one of those mothers that always has my kid wearing a hat, so you can imagine how I bundle him up to go out in the cold and snow. We pulled out the coat, gloves, hat, and snow pants, but searched and just couldn't find the snow boots. So I compromised. We took a few extra pairs of socks and his tennis shoes and some large zip lock bags. Why the bags you ask. Here is what I did. First you put the socks on then you take the bags and put them on like socks and tuck em up into the snow pants and then the shoes go on. This way the socks stay dry. My sister and neighbor were laughing at me, but his feet never got wet, so there. After the kids finally are bundle and go out to play I have to prepare the floor for when they come in. I pulled out a few bath towels and lay them on the floor so there is an area to shed the wet clothing. I also had to pull out the tea kettle and hot cocoa, cause that is what we always had after playing in the snow. It is a tradition. After an hour or so in the snow the kids come in. I help my son take his clothes of and then the neighbor. As I go to take the neighbors jogging/water resistant pants off she informs me she has nothing else on under them. I have a fit. Her pants were soaked and her legs red from the cold. My sister who is teeny lends her a pair of PJ pants. As I continue to scold her, her brother informs me that she can handle the cold after all she is Russian. I just start to laugh at this comment since she is Russian, but was adopted when she was almost a year old, so in no way is she used to the cold Russian winters. What can I say kids think they are invisible and when they become sick it is the parent that suffers to make them well.

It is Sunday now ( like I said busy busy) and the snow is gone and just left mud. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and is looking forward to Monday.

Til next time.


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