Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm Back

I made it back from Vegas in one piece and only a little poorer. Winning $250 helped out a lot. We did a ton of stuff, but one main thing we didn't do was go to a “real” Vegas show. You know the ones where the girls are topless, but have huge head pieces. I really wanted to see one, but we never worked it in.

We did however make it to the Playboy Club one night. I was disappointed. I had heard that it was decorated all neat with bunny head accents everywhere. It was so dark in there that you could hardly see any of it. Oh and also in order to get a table you had to buy a bottle of alcohol. We bought 4 drinks for $45, so you can only imagine how much a bottle cost. I think it is fair to say we didn't stay long.

I did have another playboy first that weekend. I actually bought a Playboy magazine for LD. This was my first time buying and looking at one. I bought it cause there was some female wrestler in it and LD loves his WWE. I noticed that Playboy magazine has a lot in common with Cosmopolitan Magazine. They both have 20 or so pages of ads before you get to the good stuff.

I was interrupted before I was able to get to the nude girls, but I did get a chance to read an advice column. One thing that made me laugh was some guy had written in to ask advice on different ways to cook mushrooms. His wife loved to eat mushrooms, but they were getting tired of eating them the same way. Can we say dork. Why would you write to Playboy for that kind of advice? Why not Better Housekeeping or something like that? Then LD's sister made a good point. Maybe they didn't just eat the mushrooms. Ew gross.

Oh and just to rub my vacation in a little more, I was wearing shorts while my fellow St. Louisians were dealing with snow. I enjoyed a nice warm St. Pat's.

***I am looking forward to our St. Louis Bloggers' Lunch this Saturday. Hope to see everyone there.


weatherchazer said...

Sounds like you had a great time...I only hope to make it Vegas one day...hm, probably never happen.

Lisa said...

Looking forward to meeting you. Got any ideas as to where we shoudl meet?

Also, so happy to hear you had a great trip. I am envious! And happy for you.

Slick said...

Hopefully you left enough "fun" for me to enjoy when I go in May!!

Lisa said...

Hi Lady,

I can't find your e-mail address. Ahhhh. How can I get a hold of you. Please e-mail me at motherofbun at yahoo dot com

Lisa said...

11:30 at Sesame Chinese Restaurant off of Lindberg and Watson. (Close to I-44.)Saturday... How 'bout that? :-)