Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes

I am leaving on Thursday for a trip to Vegas. I am excited and nervous all at once. I have never been to Vegas and am looking forward to all the shows, bars, rides and attractions, etc. Yet at the same time I am so nervous to fly. This will be only my second time flying and my first time I got so sick. I am gonna stock up on Dramamine and hopefully will survive it.

Another thing I am nervous about is being away from Munchkin. I have been away from him once before, but that was for 2 days and I was a quick drive away. I know we will both be fine, but I am still gonna have to call him everyday.

A fun part about the timing of Vegas is that alot of people know that I am frustrated with the wedding plans, so they think we are gonna get married down there. I refuse to do this cause I want Munchkin included. However I told my mom that she doesn't have to worry unless my wedding dress is gone. Would it be mean for me to hide it??

I still have alot to do before Thursday. I have laundry to wash, grocery shopping for Munchkin, shopping for Dramamine, packing, learning to take LD's wheelchair apart for the plane ride. Oh and I have to run to the DMV to get a new License.

The one I have now doesn't expire until 2011, but it has bubbles in the film. I am afraid that this will cause me problems at the airport and Vegas casinos. I also wanted to get a new picture on it since 2 weeks ago they almost wouldn't let me in Harrah's because they said I didn't look like the picture. The DMV said they will replace my license for free, but they will be unable to take a new picture until it expires. Here is hoping that I don't have any problems.

Everyone keep your fingers crossed that I come back a bigger winner and not a big broke loser.

Note: If anyone out there is familiar with McAfee Virus protection I would love the help. My dad updated it and the new version won't let me sign into blogger or my email. I have read through the help pages multiple times and can't figure it out. This is the reason I only blog once a week on Tuesday. This is the day I can sneak a computer at work.


Lisa said...

Have fun lady!

Slick said...

You're going to Vegas before me?? Rats! Have an awesome time.

I'm a dummy when it comes to McAfee...I never use that particular program.

Have you looked into your Firewall and see if that's where the source of the problem is coming from?

Linlee said...

Have a great time!
We had issues with McAfee and had to remove it from our computer.

Steven Novak said...

Vegas is like three hours from where I live, I've been there a couple times...

HAVE FUN!! (It's almost impossibile not to) ;)


Nabeel said...

too much advertisement in vegas .. everywhere you look, you'll see a banner selling something.

weatherchazer said...

Hope Vegas was GR8! I'll never get there... :(