Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I am Kid Free for a Week

Aren't you jealous??

Munchkin agreed to a 5 day trip to the farm with LD, his cousin, and his 6 year old son. LD and I were shocked that Munchkin wanted to go much less was extremely excited and anxious to leave. He couldn't stop talking about it to everyone.

He usually doesn't want to do anything with LD unless I am along, so you can see why this was such a shocker. Munchkin's reluctance to spend time with LD makes him feel inadequate and unsure about their relationship. Hopefully this time together without me as the go between will help them learn each other’s personalities and cement their bond.

The only down side is that I don't know what to do with my time. Both my boys are gone, my family all works in the evenings and my friends are busy with their lives, so I have no one to do anything with. Some of you may be thinking that I should go to the movies alone or go shopping. First off I hate going out by myself especially to a movie or to eat. Weird I know. I just feel like people are staring at me thinking how sad I am that I don't have any friends or family to go out with.

I could handle the shopping by myself, but at the moment the bank won't allow that. I have to save up money to buy goodies for Munchkin's B-day slumber party and a bowling party. Yes he is getting two birthday parties this year, one for family and the other just school friends. It was the least I could do since mean mommy is making him move.

So as of now I am spending my time at home loafing around and getting ready for Munchkin's slumber party on Saturday. Oh the excitement. However this will all change when I get a call from my Grandma confirming the pool is open. Then it will be me, a good book, and an ice cold glass of water on the side of the pool. That is what I call relaxation. Besides I have to get rid of this stupid farmers tan or I might look a little funny in October in a strapless wedding gown.


Slick said...

Oh GEEEEZ girl...I will trade spots with you in a dadburn heartbeat.

Just say the word :)

Lisa said...

Hey, Like the new look.

Yes, spending time by the pool is a must. Especially with a great book.

weatherchazer said...

I so know the feeling...I so rarely go anywhere without my kids, and if I do, my hubby or mom is there. I would be so lost. But at least it looks like things are going better with Munchkin and LD. That's a good thing.