Monday, October 09, 2006

I Could Definitely Get Used to This

LD and I finally got to celebrate our 6 month anniversary. He took me out to dinner at a very fancy restaurant. I usually frequent Bar and Grills, so I felt very out of place. However the restaurant was not crowded, so I was able to enjoy myself. I even tried escargot. Although I was hesitant to try them because I kept picturing Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, but I found out that the snails are not brought out in the shells.

To make the evening even better I was surprised with wonderful gifts. As I arrived at his house I was meet with 12 red roses* and 6 white (one for every month) and jewelry. To be more specific a necklace with 2 linked hearts (one solid gold and the other of diamonds). I was so shocked. I loved it.

All of this for only 6 months. I am beginning to think that I am gonna be a spoiled, but I am not gonna complain.

*This is the second time he has gotten me a dozen roses in a pretty vase.


Mikala said...

Ooohhh...sounds like you had a very nice anniversary. He seems to have done very well. You're very lucky!

Neil said...

Wow, this guy is giving the rest of us a bad name.

Or you are a very special woman.

Linlee said...

Sounds like you found a keeper.

Lisa said...

YEAY YOU. SOunds wonderful. So happy for you.

Jen!! said...

Awww... so romantic!!