Tuesday, October 17, 2006

ABC.com Is My New Best Friend

Why is it that I am never busy when all my shows are reruns, but the minute a new season premieres my calendar fills up. I know with a 6 year old my schedule is always gonna be changing, so for that reason I try not to get hooked to too many shows, but I never succeed. At the moment my must see TV is Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Ghost Hunters, CSI, and the newest Ugly Betty and Heroes.

If you notice some of these shows are on at the same time and same night. Now not only do I now have to deal with possibly not being home, but I also have to decide what show to watch and what show to tape and watch at a later date. Oh but I have discovered a magnificent solution.

ABC.com has a wonderful live video that allows you to view any of their shows at any time. You just go and pick an episode and sit back and relax. Another great part about this is that half of my shows are ABC, so it makes my life a little easier.

There are probably some skeptics out there, including my brother, who are thinking that I should just jump onto the bandwagon and get TIVO. However deep down I am an old fashioned girl and I still love my VHS/VCR. Ok really it is just that the VHS tapes are cheaper.

Now all I am waiting for is the other stations to follow ABC's example.

On another note, but still to do with TV........ My cable company took away Women's Entertainment Channel, AKA WE. UGH. I loved that channel specifically because of Bridezilla's. Stupid Cable.

*Oh and I figured out how to set up a link, but have it as just a word instead of the whole site address. Figures I would choose a post with a ton of links. Practice makes perfect I guess.


Mikala said...

Okay, who's your cable company? I love watching Bridezilla's! If I lose that channel, I'll scream!

Jen!! said...

I have the same problem... getting hooked on too many shows at once. I need TiVo.

Hey, I am really curious, where did you get your code for the search feature of your blog? How did you get it to work? I'm having search-blog widgets issues. Hah.

Reba said...

As far as I know my cable company is Charter. My dad deals with it all.

Jen..I don't know really know about the search feature. It was included when I switched templates. I can always send you the code if you want.

Jen!! said...

I 'borrowed' the code from you already. ;) I can't seem to get yours to work the way I want it to either though. Like, I searched for "ABC" and then "reruns" and it didn't come up with this post for either search... I am just gonna give up. Lol. Thanks anyway for the offer. :)

Reba said...

One more thought Jen. I tried doing the ABC search and it didn't work, but I searched other words and the post showed up. Maybe the search only goes through archives. It pulled up all, but my most recent entry.

Hopes this helps.

Jaelithe said...

Hey, NBC.com also shows the latest episode of Heroes for free for at least a couple of hours after each broadcast (since it's on during the tail end of my son's bedtime, I usually wait until after it's over and watch it online).

You can also find a blog supposedly written by Hiro on NBC's site, and some short comics that show extra stuff that happened between shows. Fun stuff.

Mikala said...

Hey Reba :0)

I tagged you for "Four Things" - go to my blog and grab it - if you want, of course. You don't have to. :0)