Thursday, August 17, 2006

It isn't Fair

So Munchkin's dad has always been a pain in my side. He has always complained that I don't send enough pictures or I don't keep in touch enough blah blah blah. Well excuse me, but the last time I had checked email and phones worked both ways. The climax to this was in May 2005. After much arguing we came to an agreement that I would send pictures and have Reese call everyother weekend and his dad would call the other weekends.

This worked out wonderfully for a long time with one hitch. His Dad never called him. He never even returned a phone call if Reese left a message. Hell he wasn't even home half the time Munchkin would call to talk. I let this slide because I didn't want to get into it again and everyone seemed happy with this. Until He sent some websites about him and his band, so that Munchkin could look at them.

This was all fine and dandy except I noticed that not anywhere on these pages was Munchkin mentioned or pictured. This concerned me because soon Munchkin might notice this and wonder why his father doesn't mention him and why is his girlfriend pictured but not him. So I mentioned my concern to his father through an email (I refuse to speak to him) and while I was at it I also mentioned that Reese has asked why he has to always call and why he never calls him. His response to this was that he was redoing his bio and would add a mention of Munchkin and his picture. He also said that he would call him with in the next week. I was satisfied.

This was back in June and Munchkin has still never received that promised phone call. I didn't so anything about it cause a broken promise from him is not anything new. I kept up with my side minus the phone calls. What can I say. It is summer and our weekends have been full. I sent him pictures of our trip to Branson in July. No response. Then about 2 weeks ago I sent him an updated email about Munchkin starting school and how our weekends are busy til then so don't expect a call, but Munchkins still waiting for his promised call. (I added that just for good measure) Still no response.

So being the nosy person that I am I checked out his other sites to see if maybe he hasn't been on the computer recently. Nope that wasn't the case. Ya wanna know what he did on that day in June instead of calling his son. He proposed to his girlfriend. Which makes me a little curious to if this is the reason he has not responded to anything since he last promised a phone call. Does he plan to cut Munchkin out now that he is gonna start a family? For my sake that would be wonderful, but I don't want that for Munchkin. It is just frustrating because I am not suppose to know, so I can't question him about it.

Oh and another reason this bothers me. I wanted to have the happily Ever After first not him. The man who is now gonna get married and be able to start another family while also having bragging rights to a son here he has never met. I wanted that before him. So yeah now I am a little more resentful and maybe a tad jealous, but personally I think I am allowed to be.


Linlee said...

Thanks for posting on my blog. I hope your sister doesn't have to go through what I just went though. It's a long emotional rollercoaster.
As for Munchkin's dad- he'll probably treat the new girl the same. You are much better off with him out of the picture. But I feel for Munchkin.

Lisa said...

It sounds like Munchkin's dad hasn't changed. Still not delivering on the phone calls. Why does he even bother? If he can't come visit or call? Why does he bother to complain. Can I got over there and kick his butt for you? Because I so would like to!