Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Here Fishy Fishy

I grew up fishing and loved it. My siblings and I used to watch our grandpa clean his fish and we would always make him open the belly to see what the fish had eaten. So when it came to a weekend of fishing and I was told by LD I couldn't go because it was boys only, I was a little disappointed.

However when I heard that there was gonna be an opening the second day I jumped at the opportunity and asked again if I could go fishing. To my surprise LD said yes. So at dinner I announced that I was gonna go fishing and his dad and bro gasped. I said if they didn't want me to go I wouldn't. They were quick to explain that it wasn't the fact that I was going it was the fact that I WANTED to. None of the girls from their family would ever think of fishing.

They then began to try to torture me by telling me that I would have to bait my hook and get the fish off the line, etc. I tried to explain that I grew up doing this, but they still didn't understand. So the next morning after I cast my line and his dad exclaimed, she really can fish, I just wanted to turn around and say I told you so.

I might use this experience to get them to agree to let me go hunting with them too. Although they would probably regret letting me do that since I know you have to be quiet and I doubt I can handle hours of silence. What can I say I am a girl and love to talk.


Linlee said...

I loved to fish when I was little but to this day I still won't touch the worms or any other kind of bait. lol

Lisa said...

I'm so happy to see you started your blog back up again. I would check your blog for updates religiously. But had given up hope. Figured you had gotten far too busy. So happy to see you are back at it.

Lisa said...

Do you mind if I link you now that you're back to blogging?

Reba said...

Lisa--Glad to have you back. Thanks for the support.

Yes you may link to me.