Friday, March 24, 2006

Spring Break

Munchkin and I went to the Ozarks for his 1st official Spring Break. I have an aunt and cousin that live there and it was Munchkin's idea to visit them. We left on Friday and didn't have to be back until Wednesday.
We got down there late on Friday, so we didn't do anything, but eat and go to bed. Saturday Munchkin and I got to ride on a 4 wheeler for the first time. I had to drag Munchkin onto the thing, but he loved it. After that we played some basketball while my aunt took care of her horses. Then it was off to the outlet mall (yeah) and the grocery store. We only spent an hour at the mall cause that is all my aunt wanted to spend there, but I had plans to go back again. We got home and it was time for dinner and a movie and then bed.
Sunday was about the same. We went on the 4 wheeler again, but for a longer ride. My aunt to us to a quarry that bumps up to her land. That was fun, but cold. Then we went to Target. My aunt needed a frame and I needed a phone charger. Then to the grocery store again. I guess my aunt only believes in buying ingredients for one meal at a time. When we got back to her house my cousin was home with a few friends. They were suppose to be chopping up a tree that fell. While they did this Munchkin and I played some soccer and then my cousin joined when his friends left. Then it was about dinner time. My cousin's dad joined us too. My aunt decided we should watch a movie again, but it was one I wanted to see and Munchkin wouldn't like it either, so we didn't really get into it. Then it was off to bed. Just to let you know I was in bed most nights by 9, but Munchkin had me up every morning before 8, so I really didn't get any great rejuvenating sleep.
Monday was a wet and cold day, so we decided to venture back to the outlet mall. Munchkin picked out his Easter outfit and I got a pair of jeans and shorts. Not much, but it was all needed. After that we were gonna go back and sit in the hot tub for a while, but I decided it was too cold and it turned out to be a good choice since it started storming when we got back. Since my aunt and cousin were taking his dad to the airport which is in Springfield, MO (an hour and a half drive) Munchkin and I just hung out inside and relaxed the rest of the day. That evening we went to my cousin's National Honor Society Awards Ceremony. Boring, but quick. We got home and it was late so we ate leftovers and went to bed.
Tuesday was spent in Springfield, MO at The Bass ProShop. This place was huge, but fun. We spent 3 hours just wondering around and we didn't even hit the animal museum. I definitely will go back there again. I did some shopping there too. Reese got a stuffed raccoon and a huge fish pillow and I got some sandals. The rest of the day was spent inside hanging out because it was freezing out.
We left early Weds to come home.
The trip was very enjoyable, but I have a few complaints. My aunt made me feel bad if I wasn't up doing something. She is a busy body and I am one to just go with the flow especially on vacations. Another thing was that with dinner every night she picked out a movie to watch. Unfortunately none of the movies were kid friendly and they neither were something that I wanted to see. The last complaint I have is that my cousin hardly bothered to spend any time with Munchkin. Now I understand he is 18 and in highschool and doesn't want to hang out with a little kid, but if I was his mother I would have made him. Munchkin idealizes him and that is why he wanted to visit him. So for him not to spend time with him made me mad and Munchkin sad.
So next time I go I will make sure the weather is nice, so we can do some exploring of the land to fill our time and I will take another family member with us to play with Munchkin.

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