Thursday, March 06, 2008

Last Post

I previously posted that I was moving to a new site, but unfortunately my life has become so busy that I do not have the time at the moment to blog. I do hope in the future to be back on here when things calm down and get into a better routine. Until then this is goodbye.

Wishing everyone out there good luck and fortune.


Cathleena Beams said...
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Cathleena Beams said...

Accidently happened upon your Small Town Farm Living Blog. Nothing there, so I came here to see what I could find.

Anyway, come visit my blogspot:

Cathleena Beams

here is the link to my farm on Farm Town:

Add me as your Farm Town friend. My name on Facebook is Cathleena Beams (aka, CathysHobbyGarden on Farm Town).

Here is the web address for my farm on Farm Town if you'd like to take a look.