Friday, January 12, 2007

Insert Foot

Here are 2 conversations between me and Ld over the last weeks.

LD: Hey Hey Hey Hey don't lock the door yet.

Me: Hay is for Horses.

LD: Cows too.

Me: You just called me a cow!!

LD: No no that isn't what I meant.

Here is a little background for this one. LD was getting over a pretty bad cold when this was said.

Me: Would you please stop singing in my ear. You sound like Kermit the frog.

LD: (mumbling)Ok Miss Piggy.

Me: What? Did you just call me Miss Piggy!?

LD: Um, no.

Me: Yes you did. Jerk.

Neither of these incidents bothered me, but it was fun to see LD try to remove his foot from his mouth.


Jen!! said...

Hi! Welcome to What the Blog!? You have been added you to the members list.

Isn't this the absolute BEST news you've heard all day!? (Note: Do not listen to any news today.)


P.S. I like the new template. :) And hey, I do something similar to that too... except usually I am more random.


Boyfriend: "You look cute today, Jen"
Boyfriend: *confusion and horror*

It's even more fun, trust me!

Lisa said...

Ohhh.. You changed your blog look.

Very cool... And yes it IS fun to watch them squirm. heehee

honkeie2 said...

I am new here but here is proof that women are trying to kill us slowly ....and painfully lol

Ranger Tom said...

I'm in full agreement with Honkeie2...

Mikala said...

LOL I am the same time J told me I looked cute in this black and white outfit and I asked if he was calling me a whale (like a killer whale). He ended up just looking at me like I was crazy...

I love the new digs...